The Parasite Murders (1975)

35mm film, colour, 1.66:1
mono, English

A Canadian science fiction/horror film directed by David Cronenberg. Production took place between 21 August-14 September 1974 and the finished film was first released on 10 October 1975 in 10 cinema in Montreal, Canada (3 English speaking, 7 French).

Plot Summary

A scientist develops a strain of slug-like that are transmitted vis sexual contact and they get loose in an exclusive residential tower block.


Directed by: David Cronenberg
John Dunning and André Link present a DAL-Reitman production
Executive Producer: Alfred Pariser
Produced by: Ivan Reitman
Written by: David Cronenberg
Director of Photography: Robert Saad
Editor: Patrick Dodd
Music Supervisor: Ivan Reitman
Sound Recordist: Michael Higgs
Make-up: Suzanne Riou-Garand
Special Make-up and Creatures Created by: Joe Blasco
Art Director: Erla Gliserman

Paul Hampton (Roger St. Luc)
Joe Silver (Rollo Linsky)
Lynn Lowry (Forsythe)
Alan Migicovsky (Nicholas Tudor)
Susan Petrie (Janine Tudor)
Ronald Mlodzik (Merrick)
Barry Baldero (Detective Heller)
Camille Ducharme (Mr Guilbault)
Hanka Posnanska (Mrs Guilbault)
Wally Martin (doorman)
Vlasta Vrana (Kresimer Sviben)
Charles Perley (delivery boy)
Al Rochman (Parkins)
Julie Wildman (Miss Lewis)
Arthur Grosser (Mr Wolfe)
Edith Johnson (Olive)
Dorothy Davis (Vi)
Joy Coghill (Mona Wheatley)
Joan Blackman (elevator mother)
Fred Doederlein (Emil Hobbes)
Sonny Forbes (garbage room man)
Barbara Steele as Betts

Alternative Titles

Anatrihiles – Greek title
The Bugs – early title
Calafrios – Brazilian title
Il demone sotto la pelle – Italian title
Dreszcze – Polish title
Drhtavica – Serbian title
Epidemia – Mexican title
Frissons – French, French Canadian title
Frossa – Swedish title
Huivering – Dutch, Flemish Belgian title
Kylmät väreet – Finnish title
Orgy of the Blood Parasites – working title
Os Parasitas da Morte – Portuguese title
The Parasite Complex – working title
Parasiten-Mörder – Austrian, West German title
Parásitos asesinos – Colombian title
Parásitos mortales – Peruvian title
Paraziták – Hungarian title
SF Hitokui seibutsu no shima: Nazo no seimeitai daishûrai – Japanese television title
Shîbâsu: Hitokui seibutsu no shima – Japanese video title
Shivers – UK, US title
They Came from Within – US title
Ürpertiler – Turkish festival title
Vénen de dintre de… – Catalan Spanish title
Vinieron de dentro de… – Spanish title

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