The Pack (1977)

USA, 1977
35mm film, Techniocolor, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Robert Clouse.

Plot Summary

A pake of feral dogs run riot on a remote island, attacking animals and humans alike.


Directed by: Robert Clouse
© MCMLXXVII [1977] by Warner Bros, Inc.
Warner Bros. presents a Fred Weintraub-Paul Heller production
Produced by: Fred Weintraub, Paul Heller
Associate Producer: Eva Monley
Screenplay by: Robert Clouse
Based on the Novel by: Dave Fisher
Director of Photography: Ralph Woolsey
Edited by: Peter E. Berger
Music by: Lee Holdridge
Sound Mixer: Darin Knight
Costumer: Lynn Bernay
Make-up Artist: Marvin Westmore
Hair Stylist: Gloria Algeo
Special Effects: Milton Rice
Dogs Furnished by: Lou M. Schumacher
[Dogs] Trained by: Karl Lewis Miller, Roger W. Schumacher
Trainers: Dennis Grisco, Eddie Steeples, Scott Thorson, Reggie Wayne, Jerry Hardison

Joe Don Baker (Jerry)
Hope Alexander-Willis (Millie)
Richard B. Shull ([Clyde] Hardiman)
R.G. Armstrong (Cobb)
Ned Wertimer ([Harry] Walker)
Bibi Besch (Marge)
Delos V. Smith Jr (McMinnimee)
Richard O’Brien ([Jim] Dodge)
Sherry Miles (Lois)
Paul Willson (Tommy)
Eric Knight (Guy)
Steve Lytle (Paul)
Rob Narke (husband)
Peggy Price (wife)
Steve Butts (Bobby)

Alternative Titles

A Alcateia – Brazil, Portugal
Kurt Baskını – Turkey
The Long Dark Night
La manada – Spanish ttle
Глутницата – Bulgaria
Стая – Russia



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