ITV Play of the Week: The Other Man (1964)

UK, 7 September
100m, videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British science fiction play directed by Gordon Flemyng. Broadcast in two sections, with a 15 minute break for the news, it was the longest single drama so far broadcast on ITV. Most of the play is lost though a few sequences have survived.


In an alternate universe, Britain capitulated to Germany in 1940 and has become a satellite Nazi state. The leading character is severely injured at one point and awakes from a year-long coma to find that his body has been rebuilt using the same radical transplant techniques that are keeping the Nazi elite alive.


Directed by: Gordon Flemyng
Produced by: Gerald Savory
Written by: Giles Cooper
Designed by: Roy Stonehouse

Michael Caine (George Grant)
Siân Phillips (Kate)
John Thaw (Henry Potter)
Peter Dyneley (Major Ritter)
Nigel Green (C.S.M. Blackman)
William Kendall (Major Norris)
Godfrey Quigley (Paddy Ryan)
Vladek Sheybal (Klaus)
Maurice Quick (Major Weston)
Dennis Chinnery (Major Lewin)
Paul Dawkins (Colonel)
Robert McBain (John Ferris)
Philip Anthony (adjutant/president)
Bernard Brown (Lieutenant Vale)
Trevor Danby (Bob Adwick)
John Noakes (orderly)
Carol Cleveland (Celia)
Derek Sydney (Captain Jaffe)
Valerie Dunlop (Rita)
Kenneth Watson (Sergeant Slade)
Michael Blackham (Private Croft)
Marie Hopps (woman)
John Croft (Private Pritchett)
George Layton (Private Root)
Elizabeth Weaver (Pat)
John Miller (brigadier)
Mark Petersen (Hauptmann Schell)
John Allison (waiter)
John Binn (Clark)
John Devaut (head waiter)
Kumar Ranji (George Grant's bearer)
Brian Cant (Raglan)
Gerard Healy (Private Fearon)
Hedger Wallace (Lieutenant Da Silva)
Nissar Hussein (Mess Bearer)
Neville Taylor (Griffiths)
Kenneth Colley (Colin)
John Rolfe (Rainer)
John Barcroft (Lee)
Royston Tickner (Major Staub)
David Macmillan (Ryder)
David Graham (Voss)
Valerie Bell (Daphne)
Paul Hansard (Doctor Hoffman)