The One Game (1988)

UK, 4 June -25 June 1988
1 series, 4 episodes, average 50m each
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television series created by Tony Benet.


A businessman finds himself drawn into the sinister One Game, a terrifying ordeal where anyone he meets may or may not be part of the game and where he finds he can trust no-one.

Plot Summary

Director: Mike Vardy
Central Independent Television
Executive Producer: Ted Childs
Producer: Deidre Keir
Associate Producer: Annie Rees
Script: John Brown
Series Conceived by: Tony Benet
Lighting Cameraman: Peter Greenhalgh
Film Editor: Kevin Lester
Music: Nigel Hess
Sound Recordist: Bill Dodkin
Costume Designer: Maxine Henry
Make Up Supervisor: Trisha Berry
Special Effects Supervisor: Arthur Beavis
Production Designer: Giovanni Guarino
Designer: Neil Caldwell
Casting Director: Ann Fielden

Patrick Malahide (Magnus)
Stephen Dillon [real name: Stephen Dillane] (Nicholas Thorne)
Pippa Haywood (Jenny Thorne)
Kate McKenzie (Fay)
David Mallinson (Tom Darke)
Peter Howell (Professor)
Rick Stone (Hacker)
David Englis (chat show host)
Raad Rawi (Dr Kashfi)
Choy Ling Man (Chinese student)
Tomek Borg [real name: Tomasz Borkowy] (Polish student)
Peter Sadler (security guard)
Sarah-Jane Fenton (graphics girl)
Jared Morgan (waiter in restaurant)
Chris Chering, Ian Halcrow, Symond Lawes, Gavin Watson (four punks)
Elain Ford (girl in white dress)
Andrew Keir (Lord Maine)
Alex Norton (the conjuror)
James Coyle (the beggar)
Mike Kemp (the comedian)
Tim Meats (vicar)
John Bowe (Gavin)
Ann Pennington (Dr Vogler)


Episode One: Friday (4 June 1988)
Episode Two: Saturday (11 June 1988)
Episode Three: Sunday (18 June 1988)
Episode Four: Monday (25 June 1988)

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