The Nutt House (1992)

90m, 2344 metres
Dolby Stereo, English

An American borderline fantasy film directed by Adam Rifkin.

Plot Summary

Idential Philbert and Nathan meet for the first time since being separated by their mother as children. Bad seed Nathan has been locked up in an insane asylum and now suffers while Philbert has become a popular senator. Nathan has now escaped from the asylum and sets out to find Philbert, causing mayhem as he goes.


Directed by: Adam Rifkin
© MCMXCII [1992] Connexion Film
Capella [logo] A Connexion Film production
Executive Producers: Willi Baer, David Korda, Ortwin Freyermuth
Produced by: Brad Wyman, David Rotman
Line Producer: Tracy Lee Wong
Associate Producer: J.P. Johannsen
Screenplay by: Adam Smithee Jr [real name: Sam Raimi], Alan Smithee Sr [real name: Ivan Raimi] & R.O.C. Sandstorm [real name: Bruce Campbell]
Story by: Adam Smithee Jr [real name: Sam Raimi] & Peter Perkinson [real name: Scott Spiegel] & Alan Smithee Sr [real name: Ivan Raimi]
Director of Photography: Bernd Heinl
Film Editors: Walt Mulconery, Michael Mulconery, Peter Schink
Music by: Cameron Allan
Production Sound Mixer: Walter B. Martin Jr
Costume Designer: Susan Bertram
Key Makeup Artist: Gina DiMaria
Hair Dresser: Barbara Olvera
Special Make-up Effects by: Kurtzman, Nicotero and Berger EFX Group
Production Designer: David Miller

Stephen Kearney (Nathan/Philbert)
Amy Yasbeck (Diane)
Robert Trebor (Buddy)
Robert Colbert (board doctor)
Sandra Gould (Ma Belle)
Captain Haggerty (Frank)
Barry Livingston (Williams)
Peter Lupus (Musso)
Robert Mandan (Mr Henderson)
Emil Sitka (Geeves)
Stella Stevens (Mrs Robinson)
Constance Towers (Mrs Henderson)
Joseph Whipp (Doctor Foster)
Traci Lords as Miss Tress
Catherine Bach (benefit reporter)
Shandra Beri (Julia)
Carolyn Finney (ceremony assistant)
Paul Hirsch (skateboarder)
Christopher Mankiewicz (newscaster)
King Moody (Victor Kaplan)

Alternative Titles

Doidos Varridos – Portugal
Hülyébbnél is hülyébb – Hungary
The Nutty Nut – working title
Die Total beknackte Nuß – Germany

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