The Ninth Guest (1934)

USA, 1934
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American borderline horror film directed by Roy William Neill.

Plot Summary

Eight strangers are called to a penthouse apartment by an unknown and unseen host. There they hear a radio broadcast telling them ‘the ninth guest' is a murderer who will slaughter them one-by-one unless they can work out his or her identity.


Director: Roy William Neill
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Script: Owen Davis, Garnett Weston
Novel: Gwen Bristow, Bruce Manning
Director of Photography: Benjamin H. Kline
Editor: Gene Milford
Music: Louis Silvers

Donald Cook (Jim Daley)
Genevieve Tobin (Jean Trent)
Hardie Albright (Henry Abbott)
Edward Ellis (Tim Cronin)
Edwin Maxwell (Jason Osgood)
Vince Barnett (William Jones)
Helen Flint (Sylvia Inglesby)
Samuel S. Hinds (Dr Murray Reid)
Nella Walker (Margaret Chisholm)
Sidney Bracey (butler)



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