The Mysterious Mr Wong (1935)

USA, 1935
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American borderline horror film directed by William Nigh.

Plot Summary

Chinatown is being stalked by a brutal killer. Reporter Jason Barton is following the story when he is abducted by the insane Mr Wong who is trying to complete a collection of the twelve gold coins from the time of Confucius. With these, he will be able to take control of a large province in China.


Director: William Nigh
Monogram Pictures Corporation
Supervising Producer: George Yohalem
Script: Nina Howatt, Lew Levenson
Additional Dialogue: James Herbuveaux
Novel: The Twelve Coins of Confucius by Henry Stephen Keeler
Director of Photography: Harry Neumann
Editor: Jack Ogilvie
Musical Director: Abe Meyer

Bela Lugosi (Mr Wong)
Wallace Ford (Jason H. Barton)
Arline Judge (Peg)
Fred Warren (Tsang)
Lotus Long
Robert Emmett O'Connor (Officer McGillicuddy)
Edward Peil Sr (Jen Yu)
Lee Shumway (Brandon)
Etta Lee
Ernest F. Young
Luke Chan (Chan Fu)
Chester Gan
James B. Leong
Theodore Lorch



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