The Mummy Lives (1993)

35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Gerry O'Hara.

Plot Summary

Egyptian mummy Aziru returns to life and stalks a woman he believes is the reincarnation of his lost love.


Directed by: Gerry O'Hara
© 1993 Surge Productions, Inc.
Yoram Globus & Christopher Pearce present a Global Pictures production
Executive Producers: Yoram Globus, Christopher Pearce
Produced by: Harry Alan Towers
Line Producers: Allan Greenblatt, Chaim Sharir
Associate Producer: Anita Hope
Screenplay by: Nelson Gidding
Suggested by “Some Words with a Mummy” by: Edgar Allan Poe
Director of Photography: Avi Koren
Edited by: Danny Shik
Music Composed by: Dov Seltzer
Sound Mixer: Shabtai sarig
Costume Designer: Laura Dinulescu
Make-up Artist: Miri Oren
Hair Dresser: Eli Almani
Prosthetics Make-up: Scott Wheeler
Special Effects Supervisor: Nanny Rozenshtein
Production Designer: Kuli Sander
Casting, Los Angeles: Anita Hope
Location Casting: Cheli Goldenberg

Tony Curtis (Aziru/Doctor Mohassid)
Greg Wrangler (Dr Carey Williams)
Jack Cohen (Lord Maxton)
Muhamed Bakri (Alexatos)
Mosko Alkelai (Kroll)
Leslie Hardy (Sandra/Kia)
Moshe Ivgi (Ali)
Yosi Chiloach (Captain Mahmoud)
Uri Gavriel (tomb guard)
Yigal Naor (Egyptology official)
Eli Danker (museum director)
Yossi Graber (judge)
Charlie Buzaglo, Rafi Weinstock (acolyte priests)
Amos Lavie (museum guard)
Hashem Hasin (Youssif)
Uri Mauda (night clerk)
Rivka Bachar (hotel cleaner)
Claud Aviram (officer)
Shmeul Amir, Johnny Arbit, Babi Neeman (thieves)
Ayelet Gabai (woman beggar)

Alternative Titles

Az élő múmia – Hungary
El misterio del sarcófago – Spain
La momia – Mexico
La momie – France
Mumia zyje – Poland
Mumie – Tal des Todes – Germany
Vendetta eterna – Italy
Vingança Eterna – Brazil

Production Notes

Anthony Perkins was originally cast as Dr Mohassid but died before production began.



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