The Mummy (1932)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Karl Freund. Note that the film is copyrighted 1933 but was first released in the States on 22 December 1932.

Plot Summary

An expedition to in 1921 discovers the mummy of the Egyptian prince Im-Ho-Tep, for sacrilege. A recitation from The Scroll of Thoth brings Im-Ho-Tep back to life. Ten years later, Im-Ho-Tep disguises himself as an ordinary Egyptian and sets about finding Helen Grosvenor who he believes is the of his former lover.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Karl Freund
Copyright MCMXXXIII [1933] by Universal Pictures Corp. – Carl Laemmle, pres.
A Universal picture. Carl Laemmle presents
Produced by: Carl Laemmle Jr
Associate Producer: Stanley Bergerman *
Script: John L. Balderston *
Story: Nina Wilcox Putnam *, Richard Schayer *
Director of Photography: Charles Stumar *
Editor: Milton Carruth *
Music: James Dietrich *
Stock Music: Michel Brusselmans *, Heinz Roemheld *, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (from Swan Lake) *
Make Up Designer: Jack P. Pierce *
Special Effects: John P. Fulton *
Art Director: Willy Pogany *
Locations: Mojave Desert, California, USA; Red Rock Canyon, California, USA

Boris Karloff (Imhotep[/Ardath Bey])
Zita Johann (Helen Grosvenor[/Princess Anckesen-Amon])
David Manners (Frank Whemple)
Arthur Byron (Sir Joseph Whemple)
Edward Van Sloan (Doctor Muller)
Bramwell Fletcher (Ralph Norton)
Noble Johnson (the Nubian)
Kathryn Byron (Frau Muller)
Leonard Mudie (Professor Pearson)
James Crane (the Pharaoh)
Henry Victor (the Saxon warrior [scenes deleted])
Leyland Hodgson [gentleman 2 – uncredited]
Eddie Kane [Doctor LeBarron – uncredited]
Tony Marlow [Police Inspector – uncredited]
C. Montague Shaw [gentleman 1 – uncredited]
Pat Somerset [Helen's dancing partner – uncredited]
Arthur Tovey [Nubian bit part – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

King of the Dead
La momia – Spanish title
La momie – French title
Mumia – Polish title
A Múmia – Portugese title
Die Mumie – Austrian/German title
Mumien vaknar – Swedish title
La mummia – Italian title
Muumio – Finnish title

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