The Mouse on the Moon (1963)

UK, 1960
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, English, Russian

A British comedy science fiction film directed by Richard Lester.

Plot Summary

In order to fix the ailing at the castle, the Duchy of Grand Fenwick apply for foreign aid from the US, claiming that the money is for space research. Not to be outdone, the Russians also send aid and one Fenwickian scientist decides that the tiny country really should try to get to .


* = uncredited

Directed by: Richard Lester
© MCMLXII [1962] Walter Shenson Films Ltd.
United Artists presents a Walter Shenson production
Produced by: Walter Shenson
Production Manager: R.E. Dearing
Screenplay by: Michael Pertwee
From the Novel by: Leonard Wibberley
Assistant Director: Ross Mackenzie
Continuity: Eileen Head
Director of Photography: Wilkie Cooper
Camera Operator: Kelvin Pike
Editor: Bill Lenny
Music by: Ron Grainer
Sound Recording: Dudley Messenger, Bill Daniels
Boom Operator: Charlie McFadden *
Sound Assistant: Graham V. Hartstone *
Dubbing Editor: Roy Hyde
Electronic Sound: Delia Derbyshire *
Westrex Recording System
Costume Designer: Anthony Mendleson
Wardrobe: Laurel Staffel
Make-up: George Blackler
Hairdresser: Stella Rivers
Main Title Design: Maurice Binder
Animation: Trevor Bond
Production Designer: John Howell
Assistant Art Director: Bill Alexander [real name: William Alexander]
Locations: Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK *

Margaret Rutherford (the Grand Duchess, Gloriana)
Ron Moody ([Prime Minister Rupert] Mountjoy)
Bernard Cribbins (Vincent [Mountjoy])
David Kossoff ([Professor] Kokintz)
Terry Thomas ([Maurice] Spender)
June Ritchie (Cynthia)
John Le Mesurier (British delegate)
John Phillips (American delegate [Bracewell])
Eric Barker (M.I.5. man)
Roddy McMillan (Benter)
Tom Aldredge (Wendover)
Michael Trubshawe (British aide)
Peter Sallis (Russian delegate)
Clive Dunn (bandleader)
Hugh Lloyd (plumber)
Gerald Andersen [real name: Gerald Anderson] (member of Whitehall conference)
Robin Bailey (member of Whitehall conference)
Jan Conrad (Russian aide)
Archie Duncan (American general)
Graham Stark (standard bearer)
Mario Fabrizi (valet [Mario])
John Bluthall (Von Neidel)
Guy Deghy (Russian scientist)
Richard Marner (Russian general)
Allan Cuthbertson (member of Whitehall conference)
Gordon Phillott (civil sergeant)
John Wood (countryman)
George Chisholm ( waiter)
Rosemary Scott (launching lady)
Vincent Ball (pilot)
Frank Duncan (news announcer)
Edward Bishop, Bill Edwards (American )
Laurence Herder, Harvey Hall (Russian astronauts)
Frankie Howerd (himself)

Alternative Titles

Auch die Kleinen wollen nach oben – Austria, West Germany
Ay'a Seyahat – Turkey
Egér a Holdon – Hungary
Fut i raketten – Denmark
Maasta se pienikin ponnistaa – Finland
Mani sulla luna – Italy
Musen på månen – Sweden
To Pontiki sto feggari – Greece
Um Rato em órbita – Portugal
O Rato na Lua – Brazil
El ratón en la luna – Argentina, Mexico
Un ratón en la luna – Spain
Rocket to Fenwick – working title
Soarecele pe luna – Romania
La Souris sur la lune – France

The Mouse That Roared (1959)

Production Notes

On 4 January 1960 Daily Variety announced that the film was to start shooting that summer under the title Rocket to Fenwick as a Highroad production 1Daily Variety vol.106 no.19 (4 January 1960).



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