The Miracle Man (1932)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono (Western Electric Noiseless Recording), English

An American fantasy film directed by Norman McLeod.

Plot Summary

A gang of crooks on the run pitch up in a small town where their leader, John Madison, meets a faith healer and starts to use him to scam the public, telling them that they're raising money for a new chapel. But then the healer really cures someone of their illness and it has a profound effect on the gang.


Directed by: Norman McLeod
Copyright MCMXXXII [1932] by Paramount Picture Corporation
Paramount presents. A Paramount picture
Adapted by: Waldemar Young
From the Story by: Frank L. Packard, Robert H. Davis
And the Play by: George M. Cohan
Dialogue by: Waldemar Young, Samuel Hoffenstein
Photographed by: David Abel

Sylvia Sidney (Helen Smith)
Chester Morris (John Madison)
Irving Pichel (Henry Holmes)
John Wray (The Frog)
Robert Coogan (Bobbie [Holmes])
Hobart Bosworth (the patriarch)
Ned A. Sparks (Harry Evans)
Lloyd Hughes (Robert Thornton)
Virginia Bruce (Margaret Thornton)
Boris Karloff (Nikko)
Frank Darien (Hiram Higgins)
Florine McKinney (Betty [Higgins])

Alternative Titles

Cudotwórca – Polish title
O Grande Milagre – Portuguese title
O Homem Miraculoso – Brazilian title
Ihmeittentekijä – Finnish title
El milagro de la fe – Spanish title
Mirakelmanden – Danish title
Mirakelmannen – Swedish title
Spiel am Abgrund – Austrian, German title

Remake of
The Miracle Man (1919)


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