The Miracle Man (1919)

35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1
Original Release Date: 26 August 1919 (USA)

An American fantasy film directed by George Loane Tucker.


Directed by: George Loane Tucker
Mayflower Photoplay Company
Produced by: George Loane Tucker
Scenario: George Loane Tucker
Titles: Wid Gunning
Based on the Play by: George M. Cohan, Robert M. Davis
Based on the Novel by: Robert Hobart Davis, Frank L. Packard
Directors of Photography: Ernest Palmer, Phil Rosen

Lon Chaney (The Frog)
Betty Compson (Rose)
Joseph J. Dowling (the patriarch)
J.M. Dumont (the dope)
Elinor Fair (Claire King)
Thomas Meighan (Tom Burke)
F.A. Turner (Mr Higgins)
Lucille Hutton (Ruth Higgins)
Lawson Butt (Richard King)
Thomas Kurihara 1A pseudonym for Kisaburô Kurihara. (the Jap)

Alternative Titles

El Milagro – Spanish title
Le Miracle – French title
Mirakelmanden – Part 1: Komplottet – Danish title
Mirakelmanden – Part 2: Omvendelsen – Danish title