The Mind of Mr. Soames (1969)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Alan Cooke. It was originally released in London, UK on November 1970.

Plot Summary

30 year old John Soames has been in a coma since birth, but a new surgical procedure awakens him and the process begins of turning his mind from that of an infant to that of an adult. But the process is more traumatic than anyone expected and a terrified Soames flees the institute where he's being held…


Directed by: Alan Cooke
© 1969 by Amicus Productions Ltd
Columbia Pictures presents an Amicus production
Produced by: Max Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky
Screenplay by: John Hale and Edward Simpson
From the novel by Charles Eric Maine
Lighting Cameraman: Billy Williams
Editor: Bill Blunden
Music Composed and Conducted by: Michael Dress
Sound Mixer: John Aldred
Wardrobe: Evelyn Gibbs
Make-up: Jill Carpenter
Hairdresser: Gordon Bond
Production Designer: Bill Constable
Made at: Shepperton Studios, England

Terence Stamp (John Soames)
Robert Vaughn (Dr Michael Bergen)
Nigel Davenport (Dr Maitland)
Donal Donnelly (Joe Allen)
Dan Jackson (Nicholls)
Scott Forbes (Richard Bannerman)
Judy Parfitt (Jenny Bannerman)
Norman Jones (Davis)
Vickery Turner (Naomi)
Joe McPartland (Inspector Moore)
Pamela Moiseiwitsch (Melanie Parks)
Christian Roberts (Thomas Fleming)
Billy Cornelius (Sergeant Clifford)
Jon Croft (guard)
Esmond Webb (ticket seller)
Bill Pilkington (pub owner)
Kate Binchy (barmaid)
Joe Gladwin (old man in car)
Tony Caunter (teacher)
Eric Brooks (TV floor manager)

Alternative Titles

Il cervello di Mr Soames – Italy
Das Zweite Leben des Mr Soames – West Germany


In Today's Cinema1Today's Cinema no.9848 (16 October 1970) p.8 Marjorie Bilbow noted that the film was “directed with sensitivity and discretion, with performances worthy of the discretion” and commended th eperformances, particularly that of Terence Stamp who “gives a beautifully observed, sensitively developed, unselfish performance.”



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