The Marvel Super Heroes (1966)

USA, 1 September -1 December 1966
1 series, 65 episodes, average 28m
colour, 4:3
mono, English

An American animated science fiction television series based on the superhero characters of . It was the first television series to feature the characters.


Each episode consists of three 7 minute sections featuring a different superhero each week.


The Origin of Captain America/Wreckers Among Us/Enter Red Skull (1 September 1966)
Double Disaster/Enter Happy Hogan/Of Ice and Men (2 September 1966)
The Origin of the Hulk/Enter the Gorgon/To Be a Man (3 September 1966)
Trapped by Loki/Vengeance of Loki/Defeat of Loki (4 September 1966)
Peril in the Surface World/So Spreads the Net/The Unveiling (5 September 1966)
The Sentinel and the Spy/The Fantastic Origin of the Red Skull/Lest Tyranny Triumph (8 September 1966)
The Death of Tony Stark/The Hands of the Mandarin/The Origin of the Mandarin (9 September 1966)
Terror of the Toadmen/Bruce Banner: Wanted for Treason/Hulk Runs Amok (10 September 1966)
Chained Evil/Sandu, Master of the Supernatural/Enchanted Hammer (11 September 1966)
The Start of the Quest!/Escape to Nowhere/A Prince There Was (12 September 1966)
The Revenge of Captain America/The Trap is Sprung/So Dies a Villain (15 September 1966)
Ultimo/Ultimo Lives/Crescendo (16 September 1966)
A Titan Rides the Train/The Horde of Humanoids/On the Rampage! (17 September 1966)
Enchantress and Executioner/Giants Walk the Earth/Battle of the Gods (18 September 1966)
Not All my Power can Save Me!/When Fails the Quest/The End of the Quest (19 September 1966)
Midnight in Greymoor Castle/If This Be Treason/When You Lie Down With Dogs (22 September 1966)
The Mandarin's Revenge/The Mandarin's Death Ray/No One Escapes the Mandarin (23 September 1966)
The Power of Dr. Banner/Where Strides the Behemoth/Back from the Dead (24 September 1966)
At the Mercy of Loki/Trail of the Gods/Return to Earth (25 September 1966)
Atlantis Under Attack/The Sands of Terror/The Iron Idol of Infamy (26 September 1966)
Return of Captain America/The Search/To Live Again (29 September 1966)
Crimson Dynamo/The Crimson Dynamo Strikes/Captured (30 September 1966)
Micro Monsters/The Lair of the Leader/To Live Again (1 October 1966)
The Absorbing Man/In my Hands, This Hammer/Vengeance of the Thunder God (2 October 1966)
The Thing from Space/No Escape for Namor/A Prince Dies Fighting (3 October 1966)
Zemo and his Masters of Evil/Zemo Strikes/The Fury of Zemo (6 October 1966)
Enter Hawkeye/So Spins the Web/Triple Jeopardy (7 October 1966)
Brawn Against Brain/Captured at Last/Enter the Chameleon (8 October 1966)
To Kill a Thunder God/The Day of the Destroyer/Terror of the Tomb (9 October 1966)
To Conquer a Crown/A Prince No More/He Who Wears the Crown (10 October 1966)
Let the Past be Gone/The Adaptoid/The Super Adaptoid (13 October 1966)
If I Die, Let it be with Honor/Fight On, For a World is Watching/What Price Victory? (14 October 1966)
Within this Monster Dwells a Man/Another World, Another Foe/The Wisdom of the Watcher (15 October 1966)
The Grey Gargoyle/The Wrath of Odin/Triumph in Stone (16 October 1966)
To Walk Amongst Men!/When Rises the Behemoth/To the Death (17 October 1966)
Coming of the Swordsman/Vengeance is Ours/Emissary of Destruction (20 October 1966)
The Moleman Strikes/The Dragon of Flames/Decision Under the Earth (21 October 1966)
The Space Phantom/Sting of the Wasp/Exit the Hulk (26 October 1966)
The World Within!/Atlantis is Doomed/Quest for X-Atom (26 October 1966)
Mysterious Mister Hyde/Revenge of Mr. Hyde/Thor's Showdown with Mr. Hyde (27 October 1966)
Bitter Taste of Defeat/Sorcery Triumph/The Road Back (31 October 1966)
The Other Iron Man/Death Duel/Into the Jaws of the Death (1 November 1966)
Hulk vs. Metal Master/The Master Tests his Metal/Mind Over Metal (2 November 1966)
Every Hand Against Him/The Power of the Thunder God/The Power of Odin (3 November 1966)
Beware the Siren Song/Spell of Lorelei/Return of the Mud Beast (4 November 1966)
Doorway to Doom/When the Commissar Commands/Duel or Die (7 November 1966)
Cliffs of Doom/The False Captain America/The Unmasking (8 November 1966)
The Ringmaster/Captive of the Circus/The Grand Finale (9 November 1966)
The Tomorrow Man/Return of Zarrko/Slave of Tomorrow Man (10 November 1966)
Ship of Doom/Fall of Atlantis/Forces of Vengeance (11 November 1966)
The Sleeper Shall Awake/Where Walks the Sleeper/The Final Sleep (14 November 1966)
My Life for Yours/Black Knight's Gambit/Menace of the Monster (15 November 1966)
Enter Tyrannus/Beauty & the Beast/They Dwell in the Depths (16 November 1966)
Enter Hercules/When Meet Immortals/Whom the Gods Would Destroy (17 November 1966)
The Planet of Doom/To Test a Prince/To Save a Planet (18 November 1966)
The Girl from Cap's Past/The Stage is Set/30 Minutes to Live (21 November 1966)
Dream Master/If a Man be Mad/Duel in Space (22 November 1966)
Terror of the T-Gun/I Against a World/Bruce Banner is the Hulk (23 November 1966)
The Power of Pluto/The Verdict of Zeus/Thunder in the Netherworld (24 November 1966)
Doctor Doom's Day/The Doomed Allegiance/Tug of Death (25 November 1966)
The Red Skull Lives/He who Holds the Cosmic Cube/The Red Skull Supreme (26 November 1966)
The Beauty and the Armor/Peril in Space/As a City Watches (29 November 1966)
The Man Called Boomerang/Hulk Intervenes/Less than Monster, More than Man (30 November 1966)
Molto, the Lava Man/Invasion of the Lava Man/Living Rock (1 December 1966)
Let the Stranger Die..!/To Destroy a Tyrant/Save A City (1 December 1966)