The Mark of Lilith (1986)

32m, 1152 feet/351 metres
16mm film, colour
mono, English

A British horror short directed by Bruna Fionda, Polly Gladwin and Isiling Mack-Nataf.

Plot Summary

Zena, a young black lesbian film-maker begins to research the way in which once revered ancient goddesses became demonised in a patriarchal society which leads her to watch horror films and observe the behaviour of at the zoo. Some of the films she watches feature the vampire Lillia whose always seems to be portrayed as both a parasitic leach and a victim of her undead male lover Luke. Growing increasingly disturbed by Luke's apparently insatiable lust for blood, the hitherto fictional Lillia meets Zena and they return to the young film-maker's flat and begin an affair. Her relationship with Zena frees Lillia from the stereotyping she has had to endure at the hands of male film-makers. Eventually, Lillia is able to see her own reflection in a hall of , taking back her identity and reclaiming herself from the clutches of the masculine fantasy, recovering from the brought about by patriarchal society's attempts to possess her sexuality and power.


Directors: Bruna Fionda, Polly Gladwin, Isiling Mack-Nataf
Re-Vamp Productions, London College of Printing
Producer: Paul Clarke
Post-production: Paul Clarke, Bruna Fionda, Polly Gladwin, Miriam Ludbrook, Zuni Luni, Isiling Mack-Nataf, Paul Preece, Pauline Stride
Music: Miriam Ludbrook, Zuni Luni
Production Team: Paolo Bazzoni, Sara Chambers, Paul Clarke, Victoria Chapman, Paul Denby, Sheila Eaton, Jimmy Edmonds, Ohna Felby, Bruna Fionda, Linda Flint, Sandy Gilmour, Polly Gladwin, Rachel Gladwin, Sally Hall, Jane Harris, Rosalind Hewitt, Miriam Ludbrook, Zuni Luni, Isiling Mack-Nataf, Cassie McFarlane, Susan Morse, Barbara Nicholls, Claire Palmer, Ingrid Pollard, Paul Preece, Pauline Stride, Hrafnhildur Thorsteinsdottir, Sue Underwood, Wendy Williams, Veronica Wilson

Pamela Lofton (Zena)
Susan Franklyn (Lillia)
Jeremy Peters (Luke)
Patricia St. Hilaire (waitress)
Michael Cudlip (man in mac)
Faye Chang
Nallia Chang-Hilliman
Victoria Chapman
Nigel Court
Mick Dwyer
Sheila Eaton
Jimmy Edmonds
Bruna Fionda
Linda Flint
Steve Forster
Angi Friday
Patti Gibson
Polly Gladwin
Sally Hall
Jane Harrris
Richard Humphries
Earlly Jennings
Isiling Mack-Nataf
Laura Mulvey
Claire Palmer
Ingrid Pollard
Hedra Sarid
Pauline Stride
Sue Taylor
Hrafnhildur Thorsteinsdottir
Wendy Williams



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