The Mangler (1994)

USA, 1995
35mm film, Technicolor
Dolby stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Tobe Hooper.

Plot Summary

When a series of strange accidents happen at a factory, Detective John Hunton is assigned to investigate and soon comes to believe that the culprit is an iron folding machine that has a life of its own – and sustains that life by eating people…


Directed by: Tobe Hooper
© Investec Bank Limited
Anant Singh presents a Distant Horizon production in association with Filmex (Pty) Ltd and Allied Film Productions. A Tobe Hooper film
Executive Producers: Helena Spring, Harry Alan Towers, Sudhir Pragjee, Sanjeev Singh
Produced by: Anant Singh
Associate Producer: Rita Marie Bartlett
Screenplay by: Tobe Hooper, Stephen Brooks and Peter Welbeck [real name: Harry Alan Towers]
Based on the Short Story by: Stephen King
Director of Photography: Amnon Salomon
Edited by: David Heitner
Music Composed and Conducted by: Barrington Pheloung
Sound Mixer: Richard Sprawson
Wardrobe Designer: Moira Anne Meyer
Chief Make-up: Tracy Crystal
Chief Hair: Lloyd Power
Make-Up Effects: Scott Wheeler
“The Mangler” Created by: William Hooper
Special Effects Created by: Maximum Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor: Stephen Brooks
Production Designer: Dave Barkham

Robert Englund (Bill Gartley)
Ted Levine (John Hunton)
Daniel Matmor (Mark Jackson)
Jeremy Crutchley (pictureman/mortician)
Vanessa Pike (Sherry Ouelette)
Demetre Phillips (Stanner)
Lisa Morris (Lin Sue)
Vera Blacker (Mrs Frawley)
Ashley Hayden (Annette Gillian)
Danny Keogh (Herb Diment)
Ted LePlat (Doctor Ramos)
Todd Jensen (Roger Martin)
Sean Taylor (Derrick Gates)
Gerrit Schoonhoven (Aaron Rodriguez)
Nan Hamilton (Mrs Ellenshaw)
Adrian Waldron (Mr Ellenshaw)
Norman Coombes (Judge Bishop)
Larry Taylor (Sheriff Hughes)
Irene Frangs (Mrs Smith)
Megan Wilson (Ginny Jason)
Odile Rault (Alberta)
Ron Smerczak (Officer Steele)

Alternative Titles

Alianza macabra – Argentina, Spain
Děs v prádelně – Czechoslovakia
Luunmurskaaja – Finland
La machine infernale – Canada (French)
Maglownica – Poland
To Mangkalo – Greece
Mangler, o Grito de Terror – Brazil
The Mangler – La macchina infernale – Italy
A mángorló – Hungary
A Máquina Mortífera – Portugal
Mengene – Turkey
Presa – Serbia
La presseuse diabolique – France (DVD)
Sta granazia tis frikis – Greece
El triturador – Mexico
Στα γρανάζια της φρίκης – Greece
Давилка – Russia
Пресата – Bulgaria

The Mangler 2 (2002)
The Mangler Reborn (2005)



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