The Man without a Body (1957)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British science fiction/horror film directed by W. Lee Wilder and Charles Saunders.

Plot Summary

When he learns that he has an inoperable brain tumour, wealthy businessman Karl Brussard turns to a scientist who has perfected a way to transplant monkey on to different bodies. Brussard gets hold of the preserved head of and plans to have it transplanted onto his own body.


Directed by: W. Lee Wilder and Charles Saunders
© Filmplays, Ltd., MCMLVII [1957]
Produced by: Guido Coen
Production Manager: John “Pinky” Green
Screenplay by: William Grote
Assistant Director: William Lang
Continuity: Splinters Deason
Director of Photography: Brendan Stafford
Camera Operator: Tony Heller
Film Editor: Tom Simpson
Music Composed and Conducted by: Albert Elms
Sound Recordist: Cyril Collick
RCA Sound Recording
Make-up: Jim Hydes
Hair Stylist: Ivy Emmerton
Art Director: Harry White

Robert Hutton (Dr Phil Merritt)
George Coulouris (Karl Brussard)
Julia Arnall (Jean [Cramer])
Nadja Regin (Odette [Brussard])
Sheldon Lawrence ([Dr] Lew [Waldenhouse])
Michael Golden ()
Peter Copley (Leslie)
Norman Shelley (Dr Alexander)
William Sherwood (Dr Charot)
Frank Forsyth (Madame Tussaud's guide)
Tony Quinn (Dr Brandon)
Maurice Kaufman (chauffeur)
Edwin Ellis (publican)
Donald Marley (stock broker)
Frank Forsyth (detective)
Kim Parker (maid)
Ernest Bale (custom's officer)


Kinematograph Weekly no.2594 (2 May 1957) p.19
The picture, which has stock trappings, occasionally creaks under the dead weight, but there are, nevertheless, enough real shocks to satisfy the average thriller fan. Robert Hutton takes his part seriously, George Coulouris pulls out all the stops as Brussard and Julia Arnall pleases as Merritt's Girl Friday. But Nadia Regin overacts as Odette. Expert camerawork is the secret of the film's success. – from an uncredited review



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