The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970)

UK, 1970
35mm film, Technicolor
mono (RCA Sound System), English

A British fantasy film directed by Basil Dearden. An earlier version of the same story was told in Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Case of Mr Pelham (1955).

Plot Summary

Harold Pelham is a successful businessman whose life is turned upside down following a car crash. Pelham survives and, following an emergency operation, returns from a recuperative holiday only to find that he is being stalked by a doppelgänger, one who is now running his business and planning to merge it with a rival. His marriage to Eve is threatened by Julie who claims to be having an affair with him, though Pelham has no memory of this. After spending time in a psychiatric clinic, he returns home to find his more extrovert shadow has now replaced him entirely.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Basil Dearden
Copyright MCMLXX [1970] Associated British Productions Limited
Associated British Productions a member of the EMI Group present a Michael Relph-Basil Dearden production. Made by Excalibur Films
Produced by: Michael Relph
Associate Producer: Jack Rix
2nd Unit Production Manager: John Comfort *
Screenplay by: Basil Dearden, Michael Relph
Based on ‘The Case of Mr Pelham’ by Anthony Armstrong
2nd Unit [Directors]: Frank Watts, Robin Dawson
Assistant Director: Ted Morley
Continuity: Rita Davison
Director of Photography: Tony Spratling
Camera Operator: Jimmy Devis
Stills Cameramen: Ronnie Pilgrim, George Courtney-Ward
Editor: Teddy Darvas
Music Composed & Conducted by: Michael J. Lewis
Sound Recordists: Norman Bolland, Dennis Whitlock; Len Abbott [uncredited]
Sound Editor: Charles Crafford
Costume Designer: Beatrice Dawson
Wardrobe: Laurel Staffell
Make-up: George Blackless, John Webber
Hairdresser: Barbara Ritchie
Special Effects: Tommy Howard, Charles Staffell
Art Director: Albert Witherick
Set Dresser: Michael Pittel
Casting Director: G.B. Walker
Locations: London, England, UK
Made at: The Elstree Studios of Associated British Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, England

Roger Moore (Harold Pelham)
Anton Rodgers (Alexander)
Olga Georges-Picot (Julie)
Hildegaard Neil (Eve Pelham)
Thorley Walters (Bellamy)
Freddie Jones (Dr Harris)
John Carson (Ashton)
John Welsh (Sir Charles Freeman)
Edward Chapman (Barton)
Laurence Hardy (Mason)
Charles Lloyd Pack (Jameson)
Gerald Sim (Morrison)
Ruth Trouncer (Pelham’s secretary)
Anthony Nicholls (Sir Arthur Richardson)
Aubrey Richards (research scientist)
Alastair MacKenzie (Michael)
Hugh Mackenzie (James)
Kevork Malikyan (Luigi)
John Dawson (barber)
Terence Sewards (jeweller’s assistant)

Alternative Titles

Ein Mann jagd sich selbst – Germany
Jagad – Sweden
Elä kahdesti – Finland
Mannen som jagade sig själv – Sweden
Tinieblas – Spain
L’uomo che uccise se stesso – Italy

See also
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Case of Mr Pelham (1955)



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