The Man They Could Not Hang (1939)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Nick Grindé.

Plot Summary

Dr Henryk Savaard is obsessed with bringing the dead back to life and he is turned in to the police by his assistant's girlfriend. At his trial, he is found guilty and sentenced to hang, and swears revenge on the members of the jury and the prosecuting team. His assistant recovers Savaard's hanged body and restores him to life – and the doctor starts to make good on his threat…


Director: Nick Grindé
Copyright MCMXXXIX [1939] Columbia Pictures Corp.
Favorite Films Corp. presents
Producer: Wallace MacDonald *
Sceen Play by: Karl Brown
Story: Leslie T. White, George W. Sayre
Assistant Director: Thomas Flood *
Director of Photography: Benjamin Kline
Film Editor: William Lyon
Musical Director: M.W. Stoloff
Stock Music: R.H. Bassett, Joseph Nussbaum, Ben Oakland, George Parrish, Karol Rathaus, William Grant Still, Gregory Stone [all uncredited]
Sound Engineer: George Cooper *
Western Electric Mirrorphonic Recording

Boris Karloff (Dr Henryk Savaard)
Lorna Gray (Janet Savaard)
Robert Wilcox (‘Scoop' Foley)
Roger Pryor (District Attorney Drake)
Don Beddoe (Lieutenant Shane)
Ann Doran (Betty Crawford)
Joe De Stefani (Dr Stoddard)
Charles Trowbridge (Judge Bowman)
Byron Foulger (Lang)
Dick Curtis (Kearney)
James Craig (Watkins)
John Tyrrell (Sutton)
George Anderson [warden – uncredited]
Harlan Briggs [defense attorney – uncredited]
Stanley Brown [Bob Roberts – uncredited]
Flo Campbell [bit part – uncredited]
John Dilson [King – uncredited]
Bill Lally [bailiff – uncredited]
Ian Maclaren [priest – uncredited]
Charles F. Miller [Dr Avery – uncredited]
Walter Sande [reporter at typewriter – uncredited]
Cyril Thornton [senior butler – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

L'uomo che non poteva essere impiccato – Italian title

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by Walt Lee p.286 – credits