The Man Behind the Mask (1936)

UK, 1936
58m (re-release), 79m, 7,131 feet
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British borderline horror film directed by Michael Powell.

Plot Summary

A young couple attend a masked ball before their elopement, but the woman is attacked by a psychopathic astronomer who kidnaps her and holds her hostage.


* = uncredited

Director: Michael Powell
Joe Rock Productions
Producer: Joe Rock
Production Manager: Stanley Haynes
Screen Adaptation: Syd Courtenay, Jack Bird, Stanley Haynes *
Novel: The Case of the Golden Plate by Jacques Futrelle
Dialogue: Ian Hay *
Director of Photography: Ernest Palmer
Camera Operator: Erwin Hiller
Clapper/Loader: Geoff Bellhouse *
Focus Puller: Skeets Kelly *
Editor: Sam Simmonds
Musical Director: Cyril Raye
Sound Recordist: William H.O. Sweeny
Art Directors: George Provis, Andrew Mazzei *
Studio: Rock Studios, Elstree

Hugh Williams (Nick Barclay)
Jane Baxter (June Slade)
Ronald Ward (Jimmy Slade)
Barbara Everest (Lady Slade)
George Merritt (Detective Inspector Mallory)
Henry Oscar (Interpol Detective Voltaire)
Reginald Tate (Allan Hayden)
Kitty Kelly (Marian Weeks)
Donald Calthrop (Dr Harold E. Walpole)
Ivor Barnard (Hewitt)
Hal Gordon (Sergeant)
Syd Crossley (policeman)
Maurice Schwartz (The Master/Paul Melchior)
Peter Gawthorne (Lord Slade)
Wilfrid Caithness (Beetson)
Moyna Vawser (Nore)
Gerald Fielding (Harrah)
Cameron Hall

Alternative Titles

Behind the Mask – re-release title