The Man and the Snake (1972)

26m, 2318 feet
35mm, Eastmancolour
mono, English

A British short horror film directed by Sture Rydman.

Plot Summary

During a dinner with the family of his student Malcolm Druring, teacher Harker Brayton learns of the student's father, Dr Druring's passion for . Another guest, Colonel Gordon claims to have seen a man mesmerised by a cobra while serving in India, though Druring denies that this is possible, arguing that a man may charm a snake, but never the other way round. Druring invites Braton to stay the night at the house and the teacher accepts, though Druring warns him that his collection of snakes sometimes escape their glass cases and can be found slithering around the house at nights. Brayton's discomfort is heightened by an unsettling tour of Druring's snake house. That night, while preparing for bed, Brayton is terrified by a pair of glowing eyes watching him from beneath the bed…


Director: Sture Rydman
© 1972 [company not given]
Jocelyn Films presents
Producer: Elizabeth McKay
Production Manager: John O'Connor
Screenplay: Brian Scobie & Sture Rydman
[Based on the story] By: Ambrose Bierce
Assistant Director: Peter Carter
Continuity: Reneé Glynne
Photography: Gerry Fisher
Editing: Peter Musgrave
Colour by: Humphries Film Laboratories
Music: Marc Wilkinson
Sound: Bob Allen
Re-recording: C.T.S. Studios, London
Wardrobe: Marina Drecker
Make-up: Yvonne Coppard
Hair: Kate Dawson
Design: Bryan Graves
Made on location in London

John Fraser (Harker Brayton)
André Morell (Dr Druring)
Clive Morton (Colonel Gordon)
Madge Ryan (Mrs Druring)
Damaris Hayman (Mrs Gordon)
Brenda Cowling (Molly)
Stephen Waller (Malcolm Druring)



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