The Majorettes (1986)

35mm film, colour

An American comedy horror film directed by Bill Hinzman.

Plot Summary

A maniac killer is murdering the members of a high school cheerleading squad in a small Pennsylvania town. The race against time to catch the cluprit before he can strike again.


Director: Bill Hinzman
© MCMLXXXVI [1986] The Majorettes, Inc.
Major Films Presents a Ross & Hinzman production
Executive Producer: J.C. Ross
Producer: John Russo
Screenwriter: John Russo
Based on the Novel The Majorettes by: John Russo
Director of Photography: Paul McCollough
Edited by: Bill Hinzman and Paul McCollough
Original Music Score by: Paul McCollough
Recording Engineer: Jim Bruwelheide
Special Effects and Make-up: Gerald Gergely
Locations: Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, USA *; Guyastua, Pennsylvania, USA *; O'Hara, Pennsylvania, USA *

Kevin Kindlin (Jeff Halloway)
Terrie Godfrey (Vicky McAllister)
Mark V. Jevicky (Sheriff Braden)
Sueanne Seamens (Judy Marino)
Denise Huot (Helga Schuler)
Carl Hetrick (Roland Martell)
Mary Jo Limpert (Marie Morgan)
Harold K. Keller (Harry Schuler)
Jacqueline Bowman (Nicole Hendricks)
Tom E. Desrocher (Mace Jackson)
Colin Martin (Tommy Harvack)
William R. Mott (Bart)
Russ Streiner (preacher)
Tom Madden (Teela)
Dana Maiello (Barbara)
Joy Deco (majorette)
Angela Eckerd (Shirley)
Tammy Petruska (Margaret)
Angela Canalungo (majorette)
M. Therian (Hank)
Teresa Almendarez (majorette)

Alternative Titles

American Killer – West Germany
One by One



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