The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins (1971)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by Graham Stark. Two of the sketches, Avarice and Gluttony were released as separate short films in 1978 1Screen International no.143 [mis-numbered as 141] (17-23 June 1978) p.20

Plot Summary

A collection of short sketches – some of them fantasy – illustrating the .


* = uncredited


Directed by: Graham Stark
© Tigon British Film Productions Ltd. MCMLXXI [1971]
A Tigon Pictures release
Executive Producers: Tony Tenser and Michael L. Green
Produced by: Graham Stark
Production Manager: Jack Causey
Written by: Bob Larbey & John Esmond (Avarice); Dave Freeman (Envy); Graham Chapman & Barry Cryer (Gluttony); Graham Stark, from a story by Marty Feldman (Lust); Alan Simpson and Ray Galton (Pride); Spike Milligan (Sloth); Graham Chapman and Barry Cryer (Wrath)
Assistant Director: Derek Cracknell
Second Assistant Director: Richard Jenkins *
Continuity: Renee Glynne
Director of Photography: Harvey Harrison Jnr
Camera Operator: Colin Corby
Editors: Rod Nelson-Keys, Roy Piper
Music Composed and Conducted by: Roy Budd
Sound Mixer: John Brommage
Dubbing Editor: Pat Foster
Wardrobe: Roy Ponting
Make-up: Geoffrey Rodway, Wally Schneiderman
Hairdresser: Gordon Bond
Special Effects: Cliff Culley
Animation by: Bob Godfrey Films Limited
Art Director: Roger King
Made on location and at Pinewood Film Studios, London, England
Location Manager: Jim Brennan

Felicity Devonshire (nude girl)

Bruce Forsyth (Clayton)
Paul Whitsun-Jones (Elsinore)
Bernard Bresslaw (Mr Violet)
Joan Sims (policewoman)
Roy Hudd (fisherman)
Julie Samuels (petrol attendant)
Cheryl Hall (Vanessa)
Suzanne Heath (Chloe)

Harry Secombe (Stanley)
Geoffrey Bayldon (Vernon)
June Whitfield (Mildred)
Carmel Cryan (Vera)

Leslie Phillips (Dickie)
Julie Ege (Ingrid [Svenson])
Patrick Newell (doctor)
Rosemarie Reed (woman)
Sarah Golding (secretary)
Bob Guccione (photographer)
Tina McDowell (“Penthouse Pet”)

Harry H. Corbett (Ambrose [Twombley])
Cheryl Kennedy (Greta)
Bill Pertwee (cockney man)
Mary Baxter (charlady)
Anouska Hempel (blonde)
Ken Earle (boyfriend)
Nicole Yerna (thin girl)
Sue Bond (girl with glasses)
Yvonne Paul (receptionist)

Ian Carmichael (Mr Ferris)
Alfie Bass (Mr Spooner)
Audrey Nicholson (Mrs Ferris)
Sheila Burnett (Mrs Spooner)
Robert Gillespie (A.A. man)
Keith Smith (R.A.C. man)
Ivor Dean (policeman)

Spike Milligan (tramp)
Melvin Hayes (porter)
Ronnie Brody (costermonger)

with the Guest Appearances of
Ronnie Barker
Peter Butterworth
Marty Feldman
Davy Kaye
David Lodge
Cardew Robinson
Madeline Smith

Ronald Fraser (George)
Arthur Howard (Kenneth)
Stephen Lewis (Jarvis)

Uncredited cast
Judi Bloom [Gwendolyn]

Ingrid Sylvester [woman's assistant]

Graham Stark [man in bath]

Jennie Lewis [woman in train]
Jan Rennison [woman on escalator]
Dawn Beret [typist]
Jane Holland [first girl]



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