The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (1999)

UK, 5 November
1 series, 2 episodes, average 86m
35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American fantasy television mini-series directed by John Henderson.

Plot Summary

American businessman Jack Woods visits Ireland finds himself caught up in a war between and , while a pair of star-crossed, one from each species, struggle to keep their love secret but alive.


Directed by: John Henderson
© 1999 Hallmark Entertainment Distribution, LLC
Hallmark Entertainment
Executive Producer: Robert Halmi Sr
Produced by: Paul Lowin
Associate Producer: Peter Barnes
Written by: Peter Barnes
Director of Photography: Clive Tickner
Edited by: Pamela Power, Paul Endacott
Music Composed and Conducted by: Richard Harvey
Sound Mixer: Ian Voigt
Costume Designer: Ann Hollowood
Chief Make-up Artist: Pat Hay
Chief Hair Dresser: Stephen Rose
Prosthetic Makeup Designed by: Carter White FX
Special Effects Technicians: Mark Haddenham, Nik Cooper, Colin Tilley, Michael Tilley
Animatronics Designed and Built by: The Puppet Factory
Visual Effects Supervisor: Adam McInnes
Digital Visual Effects and Animation by: Cinesite Europe
Production Designer: Simon Holland
Casting Directors: Lynn Kressel, Joyce Nettles

Randy Quaid (Jack Woods)
Colm Meaney (Seamus Muldoon)
Zoë Wanamaker (Mary Muldoon)
Kieran Culkin (Barney Devine)
Roger Daltrey (King Boric)
Whoopi Goldberg (The Grand Banshee)
Daniel Betts (Mickey Muldoon)
Orla Brady (Kathleen Fitzpatrick)
Caroline Carver (Princess Jessica)
Frank Finlay (General Bulstrode)
Phyllida Law (Lady Margaret)
Harriet Walter (Queen Morag)
Michael Williams (Father Daley)
Danny Babington (1st fairy)
Christopher Benjamin (troll manager)
Tony Bluto (1st troll assistant)
Neil Conrich (pooka captain)
Arthur Cox (2nd farmer)
Tony Curran (Sean Devine)
Jonathan Firth (Count Grogan)