The Mafu Cage (1977)

35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American horror film directed by Karen Arthur.

Plot Summary

Ellen has been caring for her insane younger sister Cissy since their father died. They share a ramshackle mansion where Cissy dotes on her ape, Mafu. When Mafu dies and Ellen begins a relationship, Cissy's incestuous desire for her sister drives her even more insane.


Directed by: Karen Arthur
© MCMLXXVII [1977] by Clouds Productions, Inc.
A Karen Arthur film.
Executive Producers: Karen Arthur, Gary L. Triano
Produced by: Diana Young
Screenplay by: Don Chastain
Based upon the play Toi et tes nuages (You and your Clouds) written by Eric Westphal, translated into the English language by Richard Cottrell
Edited by: Carol Littleton
Music by: Roger Kellaway
Production Mixer: Michael Moore
Costume Design by: Nani Yee Grenell
Makeup: Barry Gelber
Production Design by: Conrad E. Angone

Lee Grant (Ellen)
Carol Kane (Cissy)
Will Geer (Zom)
James Olson (David)
Budar (Mafu)
Will Sherwood (Will)

Alternative Titles

The Cage
Don't Ring the Doorbell
My Sister, My Love



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