The Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1969)

Philippines, USA, 1969
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A Filipino/American science fiction/horror film directed by Gerardo de Leon (using the name Gerry De Leon) and Eddie Romero.


Directed by: Gerry De Leon and Eddie Romero
© MCMLXIX Hemisphere Pictures Inc. Copyright renewed Hemisphere Entertainment Inc.
Hemisphere Pictures Inc presents
Executive Producers: Kane W. Lynn
Produced by: Eddie Romero
Associate Producer: Beverly Miller
Written by: Reuben Canoy
Director of Cinematography: Justo Paulino
Music Composed and Conducted by: Tito Arévalo
Locations: Philippines

John Ashley (Dr Bill Foster)
Angelique Pettyjohn (Sheila Willard)
Ronald Remy (Dr Lorca)
Alicia Alonzo (Marla)
Ronaldo Valdez (Carlos Lopez)
Tita Muñoz (Mrs Lopez)
Tony Edmunds (Willard)
Alfonso Carvajal (Ramu)
Bruno Punzalan (Razak)
Edward Murphy (captain)
Johnny Long
Paquito Salcedo
Felisa Salcedo
Quiel Mendoza
Ricardo Hipólito
Cenón González

Alternative Titles

Blood Doctor
Grave Desires
– US reissue title
Mad Doctor of Blood Island
– US video title
Le médecin dément de l’île de sang
– French title
Tomb of the Living Dead

Sequel to
Brides of Blood (1968)

Beast of Blood (1970)
Brain of Blood (1972)

Extracts included in
Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-o-rama Show Southern Style Vol.2 (1995)
Mad Ron’s Prevue’s from Hell (1987)


Today’s Cinema no.9940 (17 September 1971) p.13
A run-of-the-mill horror film that makes only limited use of its Philippine island setting and wastes a lot of time on irrelevant chat unconvincingly delivered. The monster is superbly repulsive but the effect of his appearance is consistently ruined by gimmicky zooming back and forth that made me feel seasick. […] A somewhat over-complicated story that never succeeds in being as frightening as it might have been. – from a review by Marjorie Bilbow


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