The Mad Doctor (1940)

90m, 2995 metres, 10 reel
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Tim Whelan.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Tim Whelan
Copyright MCMXL [1940] by Paramount Pictures Inc.
A Paramount picture
Produced by: George Arthur
Screen Play by: Howard J. Green; Ben Hecht *; Charles MacArthur *
Director of Photography: Ted Tetzlaff
Edited by: Archie Marshek
Music Score by: Victor Young
Stock Music: Stephan Pasternacki *
Sound Recording by: Harry Mills, John Cope
Western Electric Mirrorphonic Recording
Costumes: Edith Head
Special Effects by: Gordon Jennings
Art Direction: Hans Dreier, Robert Usher
Interior Decorations: A.E. Freudeman

Basil Rathbone (Dr George Sebastian)
Ellen Drew (Linda Booth)
John Howard (Gil Sawyer)
Barbara Allen (Vera Vague) (Louise Watkins)
Ralph Morgan (Dr Downer)
Martin Kosleck (Maurice Gretz)
Kitty Kelly (Winnie)
Hugh O'Connell (Lawrence Watkin)
Hugh Sothern [Hatch]
George Chandler [elevator operator]
William ‘Billy' Benedict [copy boy]
Douglas Kennedy [hotel clerk]
Norma Varden
Edward Earle [librarian]
Harry Hayden [ticket clerk]
John Laird, James Seay [interns]
Charles McAvoy
Wanda McKay
Howard M. Mitchell
Ruth Rogers
Sheila Ryan [hostess at charity bazaar]
Henry Victor
Max Wagner

Alternative Titles

A Date with Destiny – UK
Paholaisen syleily – Finland



  • Castle of Frankenstein no.17 p.28