The Loves of Cynthia (1972)

USA, Denmark,
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A Danish/American borderline horror film directed by Arnold Baxter.

Plot Summary

Cynthia, an English supermodel whose career is on the rocks decides to visit her sister, Tess, who is married to the wealthy Edward, one of Cynthia's former lovers. She teams up with Edward's brother, Phillip, to split Tess and Edward up and allow Philip access to the share of the family fortune he feels he's been denied. Cynthia spikes Tess' coffee with a powerful aphrodisiac and phones Edward to let him hear his wife having sex with his brother and the sleazy groundskeeper Erik. But their plot has been captured on videotape and an enraged Edward takes his terrible .


Directed by: Arnold Baxter
© Boxoffice International Pictures, Inc. [date not given]
A Harry Novak presentation
Produced by: Bent Tømming *
Original Screenplay by: Michael Hardy
1st Assistant [Director]: Robert Wyle
2nd Assistant [Director]: Peter Dennison
Continuity: Gina Lesinski
Camera: Gregory Hobson
Lighting: Ben Braden
Editor: Vernon Askey
Music: Brian Gershe
Sound Engineer: Stanley Teck
Costumes: Pierre Le Duc
Make-up: Noreen West
Special Effects: Hal Nestor
Set Designer: Marvin Bergdorf
Set Decoration: Edwin Pearson

Paul Kirby
Emmett Hennessy
Susan Bowen
Flanagan as Cynthia [DeHavilland]
Paul Guard [real name: Poul Glargaard]
Preben Mahrt
Greta Young [real name: Gertie Jung]
June Frenont [real name: June Fremont]
Jeanne Darville
Jim Welles

Alternative Titles

Cynthia's Sister
Overklassens hemmelige sexglæder – Denmark
Sadistische begeerte – Netherlands