The Lord of the Rings (1978)

USA, 1977
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo, English

An American animated fantasy film directed by Ralph Bakshi. Production began on 17 January 1977.

Plot Summary

The peace of Middle Earth is threatened by the presence of an all powerful ring, The One Ring, forged in the fires of Mount Doom by the evil Sauron. The ring comes into the possession of the hobbit Frodo who sets out with his friends and the wizard Gandalf on a quest to return the ring to Mount Doom, The only way to ensure its destruction.


Director: Ralph Bakshi
Fantasy Films
Producer: Saul Zaentz
Studio Production Supervisor: Jacqueline Roettcher
Animation Production Supervisor: Daniel Pia
Script: Chris Conkling, Peter S. Beagle
Novels: The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien
Key Animators: Craig Armstrong, Dale Baer, Brenda Banks, Carl Bell, Jesus Cortes, Lillian Evans, Frank Gonzales, Steven Gordon, Sean Joyce, Lenord Robinson, Chrystal Russell, Paul Smith, Irven Spence, Hank Tucker, Edward Wexler, Bruce Woodside, James A. Davis
Animators: Sam Jaimes, Manny Perez, Joe Roman, Phil Roman, Martin Taras
Layouts: Dale Baer, Louis Zingarelli, Mentor Huebner, David Jonas, Mike Ploog, Kevin Hanna
Landscapes Painted by: Barry Jackson, Johnnie Vita, Marcia Adams, Edwin B. Hirth III, Carol Kieffer
Animation Effects: Stan Green, Nino Garbe, Christopher Andrews
Ink and Paint Supervisors: Janet Cummings, Vince Gutierrez, Lee Guttman, Lisa Kshatriya, Sally Redmond, Nelda Ridley, Ruth Thompson, Micki Zurcher
Special Kaleidoscopic Effect: Symmetricon
Director of Photography: Timothy Galfas
Editor: Donald W. Ernst
Music: Leonard Rosenman
Special Costumes Designers/Constructors: William Barbe, Lynne Betner

Christopher Guard (Frodo Baggins)
William Squire (Gandalf)
Michael Scholes (Sam)
John Hurt (Aragorn)
Simon Chandler (Meriadoc)
Dominic Guard (Pippin)
Norman Bird (Bilbo Baggins)
Michael Graham-Cox (Boromir)
Anthony Daniels (Legolas)
David Buck (Gimli)
Peter Woodthorpe (Gollum)
Fraser Kerr (Saruman)
Phillip Stone (King Theoden)
Michael Deacon (Wormtongue)
Andre Morell (Elrond)
Alan Tilvern (Innkeeper)
Annette Crosbie (Galadriel)
John Westbrook (Treebeard)
Mel Smith [uncredited]
Lucille Bliss [Sam Gamgee – uncredited]


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