The Lodger (1932)

UK, 1932
67m (USA), 85m (UK)
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Maurice Elvey.

Plot Summary

London is terrorized by a serial killer dubbed The Avenger by the press, preying exclusively on blonde haired women. Amidst the mayhem, a mysterious stranger takes up lodgings at the boarding house run by Mr. and Mrs Bunting. He ventures out during foggy nights, has a photograph of a blonde woman in his room and takes an interest in the Bunting’s blonde-haired daughter. Could he be The Avenger?


Director: Maurice Elvey
Twickenham Film Studios
Producer: Julius Hagen
Script: Miles Mander, Ivor Novello, Paul Rotha
Novel: Mrs Belloc Lowndes
Adaptation: H. Fowler Mear
Directors of Photography: Sydney Blythe, Basil Emmott, William Luff
Editor: Jack Harris
Musical Director: W.L. Trytel
Art Director: James A. Carter

Ivor Novello (Michel Angeloff)
Elizabeth Allan (Daisy Bunting)
A.W. Baskcomb (George Bunting)
Jack Hawkins (Jack Martin)
Barbara Everest (Mrs Bunting)
Peter Gawthorne (Lord Southcliff)
Kynaston Reeves (Editor Bob Mitchell)
Shayle Gardner (Detective Snell)
Drusilla Wills (Mrs Coles)
Anthony Holles (Silvano)
George Merritt (commissioner)
Molly Fisher (Gladys)
Andreas Malandrinos (Mr Rabinovitch)

Alternative Titles

Meurtres – Belgium (France)
The Phantom Fiend – USA
El vengador – Spain

Remake of
The Lodger (1927)

Extracts included in
A&E Biography: Jack the Ripper – Phantom of Death (1995)



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