The Living Ghost (1942)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by William Beaudine.

Plot Summary

Ex-detective Nick Trayne is asked to help find wealthy Walter Craig who has been kidnapped. He finds him alive but with brain damage, leaving him in a zombified state and the hunt is on for the culprit.


Directed by: William Beaudine
© [not given on screen]
Monogram Pictures
Produced by: A.W. Hackel
Production Manager: Ben Gutterman
Screenplay by: Joseph Hoffman
Original Story by: Howard Dimsdale
Assistant Director: Dick L'Estrange
Director of Photography: Mack Stengler
Editor: Jack Ogilvie
Musical Direction: Frank Sanucci
Sound Recorder: Glen Glenn

James Dunn [Nick Trayne]
Joan Woodbury [Billie Hilton]
Paul McVey [Ed Moline]
Vera Gordon [Sister Lapidus]
Norman Willis [Cedric, the butler]
J. Farrell MacDonald [Police Lt. ‘Pete' Peterson]
Minerva Urecal [Delia Phillips]
George Eldredge [Tony Weldon]
Jan Wiley [Tina Craig]
Edna Johnson [Helen Craig]
Danny Beck [doubletalker]
Gus Glassmire [Walter Craig]
Lawrence Grant [Dr Bruhling]
Howard Banks [Arthur Wallace]
J. Arthur Young [George Phillips]
Frances Richards [Dr Bruhling's nurse]

Alternative Titles

El espectro viviente – Mexico
Lend Me Your Ear – UK
A Walking Nightmare

Extracts included in
Doc of the Dead (2014)



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