The Last Warning (1928)

35mm film, black and white, 1.20:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Paul Leni.

Plot Summary

A series of mysterious accidents befall the cast and crew of a theatre.


Director: Paul Leni
Carl Laemmle presents a Universal Pictures Corporation
Supervisor: Carl Laemmle Jr
Screenplay: Alfred A. Cohn
Adaptation: Alfred A. Cohn, Robert F. Hill, J.G. Hawks
Dialogue/Titles: Tom Reed
Story Supervisor: Edward J. Montagne
Director of Photography: Hal Mohr
Editor: Robert Carlisle
Art Director: Charles D. Hall
Music: Joseph Cherniavsky

Laura La Plante (Doris)
Montagu Love (McHugh)
Roy D'arcy (Carlton)
Margaret Livingston (Evalinda)
John Boles (Qualie)
Burr Mcintosh (Josiah)
Mack Swain (Robert)
Bert Roach (Mike)
Carrie Daumery (Barbara)
Slim Summerville (Tommy)
Torben Meyer (Gene)
D'Arcy Corrigan (Woodford)
Bud Phelps (Sammy)
Charles K. French (doctor)
Francisco Maran (Jeffries)
Ella Mckenzie (Ann)
Fred Kelsey
Tom O'Brien (inspector)
Harry Northup (coroner)

Alternative Titles

Le dernier avertissement – France
Naar Politiet arbejder – Denmark
Die letzte Warnung – Austria, Germany
Ostrzegam! – Poland
Sista varningen – Sweden
Teatro Maldito – Portugal
A Última Ameaça – Brazil
Viimeinen varoitus – Finland
Последнее предупреждение – Russia



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