The Last House on Dead End Street (1977)

76m 16s (US video – cut version); 77m 28s (US video – uncut version); 84m 29s (Venezuelan video); 175m (original workprint version)
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Roger Watkins using the pseudonym Victor Janos. All of the credits are pseudonyms and thus far the true identities of only ‘Norman F. Kaiser', ‘Brian Laurence', ‘Victor Janos' and ‘Steven Morrison' have been identified as being the same person.

Plot Summary

After a year in prison, Terry Hawkins is released but has been plotting his revenge against society. He abducts four people and takes them to an abandoned warehouse where he tortures and murders them, making snuff films out of their suffering. When an unscrupulous porn distributor steals his films, Hawkins and his cohorts plan a brutal revenge…


* = uncredited

Directed by: Victor Janos [real name: Roger Watkins]
© Today Productions, Inc. 1977
Miljan Peter Ilich and James Aviles Martin present. Today Productions Inc. presents
Produced by: Norman F. Kaiser [real name: Roger Watkins]
Written by: Brian Laurence [real name: Roger Watkins]
Director of Photography: Alexander Tarsk
Film Editor: Brian Newett
Musical Supervision: Claude Armand
Sound Engineer: Allan Courtney
Make up & Special Effects: Kevin Heatley
Art Director: Olivia Carnegie
Set Designer: Gabor Lazlos
Technical Director: Kevin Whitcomb
Unit Manager: Eric Loude
Locations: Oneonta, New York, USA *

Steven Morrison [real name: Roger Watkins] (Terry Hawkins)
Dennis Crawford (Ken Hardy)
Lawrence Bornman (Bill Drexel)
Janet Sorley (Kathy Hughes)
Paul Phillips (blind man)
Elaine Norcross (Patricia Kuhn)
Alex Kregar (Steve Randall)
Franklin Statz (Jim Palmer)
Barbara Amunsen (Nancy Palmer)
Geraldine Saunders (Suzie Knowles)
Ronald Cooper (the whipper)
Alan Cooper (young boy)
Howard Neilsen (man on couch)
Doreen Ellis (woman on couch)
Helene Roberts (laughing girl 1)
Nora Tucker (laughing girl 2)

Alternative Titles

The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell – early title
The Fun House



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