The Last Horror Film (1982)

USA, 1982
35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

An American horror film directed by David Winters.

Plot Summary

Vinny Durand is so obsessed with actress Jana Bates that he wants her to give him a part in her new film. He goes to the the hoping to get close to her and offer his services. But Vinny is completely unhinged and soon people are starting to disappear from Jana's entourage…


Directed by: David Winters
Shere Productions Ltd. presents a David Winters film
Produced by: David Winters and Judd Hamilton
Associate Producer: Sean Casey
Associate Producer – New York Sequence: Luke Walter
Written by: Judd Hamilton, David Winters, Tom Klassen
Director of Photography: Tom DeNove
Editors: Chris Barnes, Edward Salier
Music: Jesse Frederick and Jeff Koz
Sound Mixer: David Stephenson
Wardrobe: Nancy Hardy
Hair and Makep: Jane Barry, Toni Caine, Dovey Rohl
Special Makeup Effects Consultant: Peter McKenzie
Special Effects Team: Michael Jones, John Humphreys, Jean Scott
Production Designer: Jeff Sharpe
Locations: Cannes, Côte d'Azur, France; Lake Geneva, Switzerland; New York City, New York, USA

Caroline Munro (Jana Bates)
Joe Spinell (Vinny [Durand])
Judd Hamilton (Alan Cunningham)
Devin Goldenberg (Marty Bernstein)
David Winters (Stanley Kline)
Stanley Susanne Benton (Susan Archer)
Mary Spinell [real name: Filomena Spagnuolo] (Vinny's mother)
Glenn Jacobson (Bret Bates)
J'Len Winters (girl in jaccuzi)
Sharon Hughes (stripper)
Sean Casey (Jonathan)
Don Talley (cowboy)
John Kelly (man in theatre)
Simone Overman (woman #1 in theatre)
Malgosia Casey (woman #2 in theatre)
Patty Salier (woman #3 in theatre)
Chip Hamilton, George Valismis, Peter D'Arcy (New York men)
Mai Britt Finseth (bikini girl / beach girl)
Valerie (bikini girl)
Robert Paget, Katia Malmio, Dennis Beasnard, Richard Marner, Jenny Lipman, Holly De Jong (screening room jury)

Alternative Titles

Fanatical Extreme – USA (video)
Fanatismo letal – Venezuela
Les Frénétiques – France
Love to Kill – West Germany
Love to kill – Hungary

Extracts included in
The Joe Spinell Story (2001)



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