The Killing Edge (1986)

UK, 1984
83m 29s
colour, 1.33:1
mono, English
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A British science fiction film directed by Lindsay Craig Shonteff.

Plot Summary

Johnson has survived a nuclear attack on Britain and is searching for his missing wife and son. He eventually finds them in time to see them murdered by Terminators, brutal paramilitaries who now seem to be running the country. Pushed over the edge, Johnson sets out to get his revenge.


Director: Lindsay Craig Shonteff
Copyright Lindsay Shonteff Film Productions Limited
Movietime presents
Producer: Elizabeth Gray
Associate Producer: Christopher Plume
Production Manager: Martin Hulme
Screenplay: Robert Bauer
Assistant Director: Sonny Kruse
Second Assistant: Jim McDermott
Continuity: Winifred Howard
Photography: Hugh Williams
Camera Assistant: Peter Nelmes
Grip: Arthur Jarman
Stills: Nicholas John, Lindsay Caleb
Editor: Derek Hawthorne
Music: John Dinsdale
Sound: David Taylor
Rerecording: Movietime Limited
Wardrobe: Joyce Garside
Set Dresser: John Gibbs
Production Accountant: Leigh Ryman
Production Secretary: Jane Hadleigh
Unit Transport: Chrismobile
Catering Service: Location Meals
Weapons Supplied by: Baptys
Location Manager: Philip Waller

Bill French (Johnson)
Mary Spencer (woman)
Paul Ashe (youth)
Al Lampert (Terminator Seven)
Matthew Waterhouse (knife man)
Aidan James (dying man)
Juliette Grassby (Sarah Johnson)
Nigel Plaskitt (man)
Francis Howard (Paul Johnson)
Chris Plume (lone man)
Michael Barton (dead terminator)
Daniel Gratton (boy victim)
Steve Dugantis, Nigel Hughes, G. Oldacre, Alan Markham, Stanley Reeve, Michael York, Peter Smith, N. Barrington, Paul Miller, D. Winters, Derek Mills, Nick Langley, G. Fullerton (terminators)
Rebecca Gray, Debbie Barrington, Paula Reeve, A. Oldacre, Tom Smythe, Colin Fellows, John Ellis (victims)

Alternative Titles

Na krawedzi smierci – Polish title


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