The Keeper (1976)

16mm film, 35mm film, colour
mono, English

A Canadian horror film directed by T.Y. Drake.

Plot Summary

Underwood Asylum houses inmates from some of the wealthiest families in British Columbia. A private investigator is called in to help discover why family members of the inmates have been dying and sends his assistant, Maybelline, into the asylum undercover, posing as his cousin.


Director: T.Y. Drake
Lionsgate Productions Ltd, The Canadian Film Development Corporation
Producer: Donald Wilson
Associate Producer: Pattie Robertson
Script: T.Y. Drake
Story: David Curnick, Donald Wilson
Director of Photography: Doug McKay
Editors: George Johnson, Sally Paterson
Music: Eric Hoyt
Sound Mixers: John Bennet, Northwest Sound
Costume Designer: Edna Bratt
Make Up: Pentti Taivainen
Hair: Margee Bruyere
Special Effects: Al Razutis
Art Director: Keith Pepper
Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Christopher Lee (The Keeper)
Tell Schreiber (Dick Driver)
Sally Gray (Mae B. Jones)
Ross Vezarian (Inspector Clarke)
Ian Tracey (the kid)
Bing Jensen (Danny)
Jack Leavy, Leo Leavy (the Biggs )
Malcolm Britton, Michael Meade, Burke Lundy (the homicide squad)
David Engleman, Wendy Who, Victor Malia, Laura Thaw, Alex Kliner, Viki Vogel, Edith Powell, Paddy White (inmates)
Christian Bruyere, Denton Cades, Rod Padmos, Tom Jesse (cops)
Tom Jesse, Ian Newby (ambulance attendants)
Margee Bruyene, Jeanie McKinnon, Linda Grablerwhite, Joyce Williams, Peggy Hart (the ladies)
Anthony Roy McKinley (Glazier)
Bob Hetherington (newspaper editor)
Phillipa Malczewska, Richard Keymer (hotel guests)
Victor Dela Lux (voices)

Alternative Titles

Folie controlée – French video title



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