The Junky’s Christmas (1993)

35mm, black and white
stereo, English

An American stop-motion animated fantasy film directed by Nick Donkin and Melodie McDaniel. Though the bulk of the story is stop-motion, it is bookended by live action footage of author William Burroughs and his guests at a party.

Plot Summary

It's Christmas Day and heroin addict Danny the Carwiper is desperate for a fix. But before the day is out he discovers the Christmas spirit instead.


* = uncredited

Director (Animation): Nick Donkin
Director (William Burroughs Sequence): Melodie McDaniel
Copyright 1993 Palomar Pictures, Inc. & Island Records, Inc.
Francis Ford Coppola presents in association with Palomar Pictures and Island Records. A VH-1 music film
Executive Producers: Anne-Marie Mackay, Jonathon Ker
Producers (Animation/William Burroughs Sequence): Francine McDougall
Executive in Charge of Production: Tony Shiff
Written by (William Burroughs Sequence): James Grauerholz
Story: William S. Burroughs *
Animators (Animation): Tim Adlide, Craig Elliott, Robert Gudan, Norrian Yeend
Character Design & Sculpture (Animation): Dick Jarman
Director of Photography (Animation): Simon Higgins
Director of Photography (William Burroughs Sequence): Wyatt Troll
2nd Camera (Animation): Robert Boyd
Gaffers (William Burroughs Sequence): Steve Marsh
Editor (Animation): Joel Pront, Film Graphics
Editor (William Burroughs Sequence): Clark Eddy
Online (Animation): Scott Rowan, Warren Lynch, Apocalypse
Online (William Burroughs Sequence): Shursen Parsad, 525 Post
Telecine (Animation): Warren Lynch, Apocalypse
Telecine (William Burroughs Sequence): David Bernstein, Pacific Ocean Post
Music: Hal Willner & The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
“The Junky's Christmas” from the album “Spare Ass Annie & Other Tales” is available on Island Records
Sound (William Burroughs Sequence): Craig Paddock
Wardrobe Designer (Animation): Marea Fowler
Production Designer (Animation): Andrew Horne
Art Director (William Burroughs Sequence): Steven Lowe
Art Assistants (William Burroughs Sequence): Dayton Bard, John Dillon
Set Construction (Animation): Trealeen Ryan, Deborah Szapiro
Production Assistant (William Burroughs Sequence): Phillip Brown
Special thanks: Island Records – Chris Blackwell, Andy Allen, Judy Troilo, Eric Levine; American Zoetrope – Fred Fuchs; VH-1 – Ed Bennett, Norman Schoenfeld; William Burroughs Communications – James Grauerholz
Service above and beyond the call of duty: Matthew Alderson; Carlos Arguello; Skot Bright; Jonathan Clouston; Jonathan Cohen; Troy Davies; Film Graphics; Bronwyn Gerathy; Tony Lawrence; Helen McCusker; Keir McFarlane; Frances McGiven; Peter Miller; Fabio Nado; Otto Nemez International; Ian Reid; The Silknit Posse; Peter Skillman

William S. Burroughs (story read by)
Susan Ashline, Dayton Bard, Jon Blumb, Jennifer Brosseau, Susan Brosseau, John Dillon, Jose Ferez, James Grauerholz, Steven Lowe, James McCrary, David Ohle, Wes Pittman, Lou Propst, Wayne Propst, Carol Schmidt, Charles Whitman (Christmas dinner friends)