The Jungle Book (1967)

35mm film, Technicolor, 1.37:1 (negative ratio), 1.75:1 (intended ratio)
mono, English

An American animated fantasy film directed by Wolfgang Reitherman. Production began on 1 June 1965.

Plot Summary

The adventures of Mowgli, A human boy raised by in the Indian jungle and the he meets as he tries to make his way back to the local “man tribe” while evading the villainous snake Shere Kahn.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Wolfgang Reitherman
© Walt Disney Productions 1967
Walt Disney presents
Producer: Walt Disney *
Story: Larry Clemmons, Ralph Wright, Ken Anderson, Vance Gerry
Inspired by the Mowgli stories by Rudyard Kipling
Animator: Hal Ambro *
Background Stylist: Al Dempster
Character Animators: Dick N. Lucas|Dick Lucas, Eric Cleworth, Eric Larson, Fred Hellmich, Hal King, John Ewing, Walt Stanchfield
Directing Animators: Frank Thomas, John Lounsbery, Milt Kahl, Ollie Johnston
Inbetween Animator: Milton Gray *
Layout Artists: Basil Davidovich, Dale Barnhart, Don Griffith, Sylvia Roemer, Tom Codrick
Effects Animator: Dan MacManus
Story Artist: Burny Mattinson *, Floyd Norman *
Editors: Tom Acosta, Norman Carlisle
Music by: George Bruns
Songs: Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
Sound: Robert O. Cook

Phil Harris (Baloo the bear)
Sebastian Cabot (Bagheera the panther)
Bruce Reitherman (Mowgli the man cub)
George Sanders (Shere Khan the tiger)
Sterling Holloway (Kaa the snake)
Louis Prima (King Louie of the )
J. Pat OMalley (Col. Hathi the elephant/Buzzie)
Verna Felton, Clint Howard ()
Chad Stuart, Lord Tim Hudson ()
John Abbott, Ben Wright (wolves)
Darleen Carr (the girl)
Leo DeLyon [flunkey] *
Hal Smith [slob elephant/monkey] *
Digby Wolfe [Ziggy] *

Alternative Titles

Djungelboken – Finland (Swedish), Sweden
Dschungel Buch: Mogli und die Elefantenparade – West Germany (8mm title)
Dschungel Buch: Tanz der Elefanten – West Germany (8mm title)
Das Dschungelbuch – West Germany
A Dzsungel könyve – Hungary
Jungelboken – Norway
Jungleboek – Belgium (Flemish)
Junglebogen – Denmark
Knjiga o džungli – Croatia
Knjiga o džungli – Serbia
Ksiega dzungli – Poland
El libro de la selva – Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Spain
Il libro della giungla – Italy
El livre de la jungle – France
O Livro da Selva – Portugal
Mogli – O Menino Lobo – Brazil
Mowgli the Jungle Boy – UK (8mm extract)
Sefer Ha-Jungle – Israel
Viidakkokirja – Finland
To Vivlio tis zouglas – Greece

The 2 (2003)

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