The Journey: Absolution (1997)

USA, 1997 94m
35mm film, colour (by FotoKem), 1.33:1
English, Dolby

An American science fiction film directed by David DeCoteau.

Plot Summary

The Earth has been devastated by an asteroid and in the aftermath, a small military colony survives in the Arctic. But when one of the troops goes missing, an investigator is sent to find out why and he uncovers a strange secret.


Directed by: David DeCoteau
© 1997 Ed Ancoats, Inc.
EGM Film International presents
Executive Producers: Paul Eyres, John Eyres
Produced by: John Eyres, Barnet Bain
Co-producer: Amy Gibbons
Line Producer: Simon Edery
Screenplay by: Chris Chaffin
Director of Photography; Howard Wexler
Edited by: William Marrinson
Music by/Original Score Composed by: Marco Marinangeli
Sound Mixer: George B. Goen II
Costume Designer: Wendy Benbrook
Make-up Artist and Hairstylist: Lorena Lopez
Special Effects Supervisor: Wayne Beauchump
Animations & Digital effects Productions: Visual Impulse Productions
CGI Effects by: Sputnik Films
Production Designed by: Ron Mason
Casting by: Dan Shaner, Michael Testa

Mario Lopez (Ryan Murphy)
Jaime Pressly (Allison Wade)
Greg Serano (Hubbard)
Justin Walker (J.D. Dallas)
Nick Spano (Quintana)
Damon Sharpe (Dragotta)
Charles Mattocks (Liles)
Steve Wilder (Bateman)
Richard Grieco (Sergeant Bradley)
Hollie L. Hummel (Katie)
Peter Kerr (guard #1)

Alternative Titles

Absolution – alternative title
I antarsia – Greek video title
Horrortrip ins All – German title
Jornada Espacial – Portuguese title
Az utazás: Kegyelem – Hungarian title
Zero Academy – early title
Η ανταρσία – Greek title
Възкресение – Bulgarian title

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