The Jazz Age: Thark (1968)

UK, 5 November
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British borderline fantasy television play directed by Donald McWhinnie.

Plot Summary

When Mrs Frush complains to Sir Hector Benbow that , the large country house he sold her, is haunted a group of people descend on the place in search of ghosts.


Directed by: Donald McWhinnie
Produced by: Harry Moore
Based on the Stage Play by: Ben Travers
Script Editor: Andrew Brown
Lighting: Jim Richards
Costume Designer: Robin Fraser-Paye
Title Music: Ron Grainer
Incidental Music: Dennis Wilson
Sound: Alan Edmonds
Make-up: Sonia Markham
Designer: Richard Wilmot

Philippa Gail (Cherry Buck)
Sarah-Jane Gwillim (Kitty Stratton)
Monica Grey (Lady Benbow)
Ronald Hines (Sir Hector Benbow)
Terence Edmond (Lionel Frush)
Susan Field (Mrs Frush)
David Battley (Hook)
Jacqueline Lawrence (Warner)
Jimmy Thompson (Ronny Gamble)
Jimmy Gardner (Jones)
Robert Cook (Whittle)

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