The Invisible Ghost (1941)

61m, 66m
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Joseph H. Lewis.

Plot Summary

Dr Kessler believes that his wife is dead, but in fact she's in an amnesiac state. Kessler is driven mad by his experiences and goes on a spree.


Directed by: Joseph H. Lewis
Copyright MCMXLI [1941] by Monogram Pictures Corporation
Monogram Pictures Corporation. Astor Pictures Corp. presents [re-release] A Monogram production
Produced by: Sam Katzman, Banner Pictures Corp.
Associate Producer: Pete Mayer
Production Manager: Ed W. Rote
Story and Screen Play by: Helen and Al Martin
Assistant Directors: Edward M. Saeta, Harry Slott
Photographers: Marcel Le Picard, Harvey Gould
Film Editor: Robert Golden
Musical Directors: Lange & Porter [real name: Johnny Lange and Lew Porter]
Recording: Glen Glenn
Settings: Fred Preble

Bela Lugosi (Mr [Charles] Kessler)
Polly Ann Young (Virginia [Kessler])
John McGuire (Ralph [Dixon]/Paul [Dixon])
Clarence Muse (Evans)
Terry Walker (Cecile [Mannix])
Betty Compson (Mrs Kessler)
Ernie Adams (Jules [Mason])
George Pembroke (Williams)
Ollola Nesmith (Mrs Mason)
Fred Kelsey ([Detective] Ryan)
Jack Mulhall ([Detective] Tim)

Alternative Titles

The Phantom Killer



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