The Intruder (1999)

UK, Canada,
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British/Canadian horror film directed by David Bailey.

Plot Summary

When Catherine moves into Nick's apartment after their marriage, she finds herself persecuted by a mysterious intruder who seems to playing cruel mind games with her. Could it really be the ghost of Nick's first wife, Stella, who committed suicide several years before?


Director: David Bailey
GFT Kingsborough Films, Steve Walsh Productions Ltd, Studio Eight Productions Ltd, WIC Entertainment
Executive Producers: Gary Howsam, Steve Walsh
Co-executive Producer: Thierry Wase-Bailey
Producers: Jamie Brown, Pieter Kroonenburg
Associate Producer: Magnus Macintyre
Script: Jamie Brown
Additional Script: Paul Mayersberg
Novel: Brooke Leimas
Director of Photography: Jean Lépine
Editor: Angelo Corrao
Music: Frank Elfman
Production Sound Recordist: Philippe Scultety
Costume Designer: Nicole Pelletier
Key Make-up: Micheline Trépanier
Key Hair: Réjean Goderre
Special Effects: Cineffects Productions Inc
Production Designer: Patricia Christie

Charlotte Gainsbourg (Catherine Girard)
Charles Powell (Nick Girard)
Nastassja Kinski (Badge Muller)
Molly Parker (Daisy)
John Hannah (Charlie)
Charles Papasoff (saxophonist)
Marianne Therien (Stella/Nancy Brooke)
Mike Tsar (Detective Fordham)
Angelo Tsarouchas (Leiberman)
Janis Kirshner (policewoman)
David McKeown (mugger)
John Dunn-Hill (doctor)
Tony Robinow (maintenance man)
Candace Frazier, Cynthia Frazier (twins)
Kwasi Songui (Santa Claus)
Terry Simpson (Larry Jaffe)
Lou Vani (gun salesman)
Rikee Madoff (nurse)
Chantal Lonergan (Courtney)

Alternative Titles

The Intruder – Angriff aus der Vergangenheit – Germany
The Intruder (El intruso) – Spain
A Intrusa – Portugal (television)
El intruso – Spain (DVD)
Suspicion – France
Tunkeutuja – Finland



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