The Innocents (1961)

35mm film, CinemaScope, black and white, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Jack Clayton. Production began on 6 February 1961 1Variety 5 April 1961 p.17

Plot Summary

A governess takes up a new position looking after a young boy and girl in a remote mansion house. Initially disturbed by the brother's strange behaviour, she is soon being terrified by eerie visions as the start to behave increasingly erratically. She learns that her predecessor had entered into an affair with the family's former manservant Peter Quint and that the malignant spirits of the two lovers are trying to pervert the innocence of the children.


Directed by: Jack Clayton
© MCMLXI [1961] Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Twentieth Century-Fox presents a CinemaScope picture. Released by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Executive Producer: Albert Fennell
Produced by: Jack Clayton
Production Manager: James Ware
Screenplay by: William Archibald, Truman Capote
Additional Scenes & Dialogue by: John Mortimer
Based on the story “” by Henry James
Script Editor: Jeanie Sims
Assistant Director: Michael Birkett
Continuity: Pamela Mann
Director of Photography: Freddie Francis
Camera Operator: Ronald Taylor
Focus Puller: Bernard Ford [uncredited]
Supervising Floor Electrician: Maurice Gillett
Camera Grip: Ray Jones
Editor: James Clark
Assistant Editor: Mary Kessel
Music Composed by: Georges Auric
Conducted by: W. Lambert Williamson
Sound Recordists: A.G. Ambler, John Cox
Boom Operator: Ken Ritchie
Dubbing Editor: Peter Musgrave
Westrex Recording System
Costumes Designed by: Motley
Make-up: Harold Fletcher
Hairdresser: Gordon Bond
Art Director: Wilfred Shingleton
Set Dresser: Peter James
Lenses: Bausch & Lomb
Locations: Sheffield Park Garden, East Sussex, England, UK [uncredited]
Made at: Shepperton Studios, England
Unit Manager: Claude Watson

Deborah Kerr (Miss Giddens)
Peter Wyngarde (Peter Quint)
Megs Jenkins (Mrs Grose)
Michael Redgrave as the uncle
Martin Stephens (Miles)
Pamela Franklin (Flora)
Clytie Jessop (Miss Jessel)
Isla Cameron (Anna)
Eric Woodburn [the coachman – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Les Innocents – French title
Kauhujen linna – Finnish title
De Oskyldiga – Swedish title
Schloß des Schreckens – West German title
Suspense – Italian / Spanish title
De Uskyldige – Danish title

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