The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)

35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American comedy science fiction film directed by Joel Schumacher.

Plot Summary

Housewife Pat Kramer is exposed to a combination of household chemicals that cause her to start shrinking. As she struggles to keep her family together, she becomes the target of a group plotting to take over the world.


Directed by: Joel Schumacher
© MCMLXXXI [1981] by Universal City Studios, Inc.
Produiction Company: Lija Productions
Executive Producer: Jane Wagner
Produced by: Hank Moonjean
Associate Producers: Barry R. Parnell, Katy Emde
Written by: Jane Wagner
Suggested by the Novel “The Shrinking Man” by: Richard Matheson
Director of Photography: Bruce Logan
Film Editors: Jeff Gourson, Anthony Redman
Music by: Suzanne Ciani
Sound: John Kean
Costume Designer: Roberta Weiner
Make-up: Ve Neill
Hair Stylists: Evelyn Trimmer, Lorraine Roberson
Special Effects: Roy Arbogast, Guy Faria, David Kelsey
Supervisor of Special Visual Effects: Bruce Logan
Production Designer: Raymond A. Brandt

Lily Tomlin (Pat Kramer/Judith Beasley)
Charles Grodin (Vance Kramer)
Ned Beatty (Dan Beame)
Henry Gibson (Dr Eugene Nortz)
Elizabeth Wilson (Dr Ruth Ruth)
Mark Blankfield (Rob)
Maria Smith (Concepcion)
Pamela Bellwood (Sandra Dyson)
John Glover (Tom Keller)
Nicholas Hormann (Logan Carver)
James McMullan (Lyle Parks)
Shelby Balik (Beth Kramer)
Justin Dana (Jeff Kramer)
Richard A. Baker as Sidney
Mike Douglas (himself)

Alternative Titles

Apua, kutistun – Finnish title
Die Unglaubliche Geschichte der Mrs K – West German title

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