The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by William Sachs.

Plot Summary

American astronaut Steve West passes through the rings of Saturn and returns to Earth affected by radiation that makes his flesh start to melt and causes him to try to eat anyone he encounters.


Directed by: William Sachs
© 1977 by Quartet Productions
Max J. Rosenberg presents a Rosenberg-Gelfman production
Executive Producers:
Produced by: Samuel W. Gelfman
Associate Producers: Peter Cornberg, Robert L. Fenton
Written by: William Sachs
Director of Photography: Willy Curtis
Film Editor: James Beshears
Music Composed and Conducted by: Arlon Ober
Sound Mixer: Mark Bovos
Costumer: Rebecca Ross
Make-up: Tina Lewis, Dulcie Smith
With Special Effects and Makeup by: Rick Baker
Special Effects: Harry Woolman
Art Director: Michel Levesque

Alex Rebar (the incredible melting man [Steve West])
Burr DeBenning (Dr Ted Nelson)
Myron Healey (General Perry)
Michael Alldredge (Sheriff Blake)
Ann Sweeny (Judy Nelson)
Lisle Wilson (Dr Loring)
Rainbeaux Smith (the model)
Julie Drazen (Carol)
Stuart Edmond Rogers (little boy)
Chris Whitney (little boy)
Edwin Max (Harold)
Dorothy Love (Helen)
Janus Blythe (Nell)
Jonathan Demme (Matt)
Westbrook Claridge (second security guard)
DeForest Covan (janitor)
Sam Gelfman (fisherman)
Bonnie Inch (nurse)
Mickey Lolich (first security guard)
Keith Michl (maintenance man)

Alternative Titles

The Ghoul from Outer Space – working title
El increíble hombre que se derrite – Mexican title
O Incrível Homem Que Derreteu – Brazilian title
O Incrível Monstro Canibal – Portuguese title
Kahdet kasvot – Finnish title
Den krypande hämnaren – Swedish title
Le monstre qui vient de l'espace – French title
Niewiarygodnie topniejacy czlowiek – Polish title
Der Planet Saturn läßt schön grüßen – West German title
Smeltende terror – Norwegian video title
L'uomo di cera – Italian title
Valuva kauhu – Finnish video title
Viscosidad – Spanish title
Расплавленный – Russian title

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