The Illustrated Man (1969)

35mm film, Technicolor, Panavision
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Jack Smight.

Plot Summary

Willie meets a strange man named Carl who is covered in “skin illustrations” (), each one of which tells a story. Carl tells him three of those stories, about a form of , a visit to a mysterious planet and the .


Directed by: Jack Smight
Warner Bros.-Seven Arts presents a Jack Smight film
© MCMLXIX [1969] by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts, Inc. and SKM Productions
Produced by: Howard B. Kreitsek, Ted Mann
Screenplay by: Howard B. Kreitsek
[From the Collection of Stories by]: Ray Bradbury [credited in possessory above title]
Director of Photography: Philip Lathrop
Film Editor: Archie Marshek
Music by: Jerry Goldsmith
Sound: Francis E. Stahl
Costume Designer: Anthea Sylbert
Make-up Supervisor: Gordon Bau
Hairstyles by: Ernest Adler
Hair Styling: Lenore Weaver
Rod Steiger's Skin Illustrations Designed by: James E. Reynolds
Special Effects: Ralph Webb
Art Director: Joel Schiller
Visual Arts Consultant: Richard Sylbert

Rod Steiger (Carl)
Claire Bloom (Felicia)
Robert Drivas (Willie)
Don Dubbins (Pickard)
Jason Evers (Simmons)
Tim Weldon (John)
Christie Matchett (Anna)
Pogo (Peke)

Alternative Titles

El hombre ilustrado – Spain, Spain (Castilian)
El hombre tatuado – Mexico
O Homem Tatuado – Portugal
L'homme tatoué – France
Ilustrowany człowiek – Poland
Den illustrerade mannen – Sweden
Den illustrerede mand – Denmark
Den illustrerte mannen – Norway
Kuvitettu mies – Finland
Uma Sombra Passou por Aqui – Brazil
O stigmatismenos – Greece
Der Tätowierte – Austria, West Germany
L'uomo illustrato – Italy
Человек в картинках – Soviet Union
いれずみの男 – Japan

Extracts included in
Fantastic Fantasy Fright-o-Rama Show Vol. 1 (1996)
Tattooed Steiger (1969)

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The Illustrated Woman (1996)
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