The Hunting of the Snark (1988)

UK, 3 April
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British musical fantasy television special.


Directed by: Mike Batt
© Dramatico Entertainment Ltd 1987-2000
Dramatico presents. Dramatico
Executive Producer: Stewart MacPherson
Produced by: Mike Batt
Based on the Nonsense Poem by: Lewis Carroll
Lighting Cameraman: Clive Tickner
Videotape Editor: Tim Greenwood
Music & Lyrics by: Mike Batt
Ballet Dancers Choreographed by: Robert North
Tap Dancers Choreographed by: Dereck Hartley
Sound Engineers: Mick McKenna, John Newsham, Eric Tomlinson
Costume Design: Emanuel
Make-up Supervisor: Louise Fisher
Set Design: Steve Simons
Locations: Royal Albert Hall

Mike Batt
Billy Connolly (the bellman)
Roger Daltrey (the barrister)
Justin Hayward (the butcher)
John Hurt (the narrator)
Julian Lennon (the baker)
Captain Sensible (the billiard marker)
Deniece Williams (the beaver)
Midge Ure
Robert North, Janet Smith (dancers (ballet))
Dancers from The Doreen Bird College (dancers (tap))
The London Symphony Orchestra



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  • Televisual September 1987 p.20