The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1966)

UK, 8 March 1966-19 April 1966
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British horror television series directed by James Cellan Jones.


Directed by: James Cellan Jones
Produced by: Douglas Allen
Adapted by: Vincent Tilsley
Based on the Book by: Victor Hugo
Designed by: Sally Hulke

Peter Woodthorpe (Quasimodo)
Gay Hamilton (Esmeralda)
Gary Raymond (Pierre Gringoire)
James Maxwell (Claude Frollo)


Abduction (8 March 1966)
With: Emrys Jones (Charmolue); Alex Davion (Phoebus); Suzanne Neve (Fleur-De-Lys); Beatrix Lehmann (Gudule); Jeffrey Isaac; Norman Mitchell; Jane Tann; Lucretia Burgess; Ann Windsor; Terry Wright

Torture (15 March 1966)
With: Alex Davion (Phoebus); Wilfrid Lawson (king of the beggars); Suzanne Neve (Fleur-De-Lys); Arnold Ridley; Norman Mitchell; Jeffrey Isaac; Michael Beint; Derek Baker; Peggy Ann Wood; Susan Pitts; Marguerite Young; Winifred Hill; Neil Hunt

Seduction (22 March 1966)
With: Alex Davion (Phoebus); Suzanne Neve (Fleur-De-Lys); Peggy Ann Wood; Anthony Verner; John Devaut; Dorothy Reynolds

Interrogation (29 March 1966)
With: Beatrix Lehmann (Gudule); Emrys Jones (Charmolue); Dorothy Reynolds; Roy Spencer; Geoffrey Rose; Michael Burrell; Derek Baker

Accusation (5 April 1966)
With: Alex Davion (Phoebus); Emrys Jones (Charmolue); Suzanne Neve (Fleur-De-Lys); Beatrix Lehmann (Gudule); Anthony Verner; Robert Powell; Derek Baker

Repentance (12 April 1966)
With: Suzanne Neve (Fleur-De-Lys); Alex Davion (Phoebus); Emrys Jones (Charmolue); Wilfrid Lawson (King of The Beggars); Michael Mulcaster; Lee Richardson

Retribution (19 April 1966)
With: Wilfrid Lawson (King of The Beggars); Beatrix Lehmann (Gudule); Emrys Jones (Charmolue); Jeffrey Isaac; Michael Murray; Brian Cant; Derek Baker; Bob Raymond; Campbell Godley; David Rayner



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