The House That Cried Murder (1974)

Canada, USA,
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A Canadian/American horror film directed by Jean-Marie Pélissié.

Plot Summary

Newlywed Barbara is devastated when she catches her husband Robert in bed with his former lover Eva. Using the money given to her by her father, Barbara sets about rigging up Robert and Eva's new home as a giant death trap…


Directed by: Jean-Marie Pélissié
Golden Gate Films presents a Unisphere release
Produced by: John Grissmer
Associate Producer: Patricia Vollmar
Screenplay by: John Grissmer and Jean-Marie Pélissié
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Stephenson
Edited by: Sam Moore
Music by: Peter Bernstein
Sound: Michael Scott, Keith Gardner
Costume Supervision: Joseph F. Beila
Makeup: Irv Carlton, Stan Place
Hairdressing: Steve Atha, Albert Sofia
Art Director: Ray Menard

Robin Strasser (Barbara)
John Beal (the father)
Arthur Roberts (David)
Iva Jean Saraceni (Helen)
Kathy McKenna (girl at the wedding)
Paul Crafin (boy at the wedding)
Ed Lally, Ellen Wyan, Izzy Singer, Jackie Page, Jim Quinn, Rudy Cherney, Lydia Schmidt, Mary Chamberlain, Richard Marshall (wedding guests)
Don Murray Orchestra (wedding band)

Alternative Titles

The Bride
Efialtiki nyhta gamou
– Greece
Here Comes the Bride
Hochzeit des Grauens
– West Germany (video)
The Last House on Massacre Street
– re-release title
No Way Out
Scream – Finland



Variety 8 August 1973 p.14
The blood flows faster than the pace of the film. A low-budget effort in all departments, especially writing, directing and acting, it's slated for the lesser half of a horror double bill, where it could earn back its investment and even make a bit of profit. – from a review by Robe



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