The House on Skull Mountain (1974)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Ron Honthaner.

Plot Summary

At a remote Atlanta mansion, a group of people are called together for the reading of a will. During the night, they are killed one by one, leaving the survivors to find the killer before he finds them.


Director: Ron Honthaner
Twentieth Century Fox, Chocolate Chip, Pinto
Executive Producer: Joe R. Hartsfield
Producer: Ray Storey
Co-Producer: Tom Boutross
Associate Producers: Monroe Askins, Albert Shepard
Script: Mildred Pares
Director of Photography: Monroe Askins
Editor: Gerard Wilson
Music: Jerrold Immel
Sound Mixer: Bill Oliver
Costume Designers: Sadie Hayes, Jean Lewis
Make Up: Ken Chase
Hair: Faye Burruss
Art Director: James Newport
Casting: Phil Benjamin
Locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Victor French (Dr Andrew Cunningham)
Janee Michelle (Lorena Christophe)
Jean Durand (Thomas Pettione)
Mike Evans (Phillippe Wilette)
Xernona Clayton (Harriet Johnson)
Lloyd Nelson (the sheriff)
Ella Woods (Louette)
Mary J. Todd McKenzie (Pauline Christophe)
Don Devendorf (the priest)
Jo Marie (the doctor)
Senator Leroy Johnson (Mr Ledoux)
Ray Bonner (Deputy Sheriff)
O.J. Harris ( dancer)



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